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How to Make Snowflake Garland

I had a wonderful college roommate that loved paper snowflakes.  She would research new ways to fold paper and cut out intricate snowflakes.

And since we lived in a super cold, super snowy college town, we spent an entire December making paper snowflakes and decorating our apartment.  The affect was stunning!  I loved the look and the colors the snowflakes added.

Learn how to make snowflake garland from paper with a Cricut cutting machine.
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As I thought about making some sweet garland this year for decorating, I went back to college and all those snowflakes.  It was a unique and fun experience, but I wasn't sold on folding and cutting all those paper snowflakes.  

Enter the might Cricut machine!  I could 100% share how to make snowflake garland without having to hand cut every snowflake.  #winning

snowflake garland diy

What I love about this project is the colors.  You could get 10 different colors of blues and whites and create the most stunning display of snowflakes.

The garland looks great hanging on the wall and would make beautiful decorations on a tree.  Plus, paper is a lot less expensive than fabric or even felt.  (I tried felt, wasn't pretty.  Stick with paper.)

I hope this little tutorial will inspire you to try some paper snowflakes.  You won't regret it!

How to Make Snowflake Garland

Materials Needed

how to make snowflake garland
Step 1
Cut out all your snowflakes on your cutting machine.  I did about 10 of each.  You could do more or less.

paper snowflake garland diy
Step 2
Weed the snowflakes and remove from mats.

paper snowflake garland diy
Step 3
Separate the snowflakes into piles.  I like to rotate between the colors and piles make that faster to do while sewing.

paper snowflake garland
Step 4
Pull long tails from the thread on your machine.  Start sewing down the middle of each snowflake.  When you finish one, add the next snowflake without stopping.  You want to create a chain of snowflakes.  Repeat until all the snowflakes are sewn together.

paper snowflake garland

Tada!  Now you have a chain of snowflakes and you can hang them wherever you'd like.  Much easier than cutting like 100 snowflakes by hand.

I could see these making the cutest decorations for a dance or even in a kids room for the winter.

Want the free template from Cricut or PDF pattern?  Simply click the buttons below to get the pattern.


Learn how to make snowflake garland from paper with a Cricut cutting machine.

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