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Learn the Sewing Basics

sewing basics

Have you been wanting to learn to sew? Or maybe someone just gifted you a sewing machine but you haven’t taken it out of the box?  Maybe you’re a bit scared. Or perhaps you loved to sew but haven't in years and just want to brush up on those skills. 

You've found the right place! The Sewing Basics for Beginners course will walk you through all the basics of getting started sewing using videos, photo tutorials and simple sewing cheat sheets.

What is inside the course?

  • Professional lessons written by an actual sewing instructor and delivered through photo and video tutorials along with written lessons.
  • Printable resources including cheat sheets, worksheets and downloads for future reference throughout the course and after.
  • Simple, beginner sewing projects to help practice new sewing techniques.
  • Entire printable material and supply lists for each lesson and project.
  • And more....

What other people are saying about Sewing Basics for Beginners

The course is very comprehensive and basic. I didn't get confused with a lot of technical talk/language, which made the course easy to follow." ~Lena

“Easy to follow instructions with video for those of us that are visual learners. Also the community behind it that helps you along, gives you encouragement and asks the questions you are too shy to ask…. I was petrified of zips and this gently allowed me to have a go and when I succeeded I did a happy dance!.” ~Julie

“It was a good refresher on things I already knew from past years, informative on things I hadn't learned.”  ~Krys

“It's given me something to focus on with everything thing going on around us. I've regained a skill and re-found my love for sewing.” ~Julie

sewing basics

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed specifically for new and returning sewists. Not only will you complete lessons in 8 different units, you'll also sew up 5-7 projects and be able to print "cheat sheets” about the most pressing topics including parts of the sewing machine and different types of fabrics.

sewing basics

The cheat sheets are designed for you to print and keep right next to your sewing machine. A little helper to reference if you get stuck.

sewing basics

What’s so great about the Sewing Basics for Beginners course?

This course is specifically designed for the beginner sewist. That means it will answer the most basic questions and help teach you:

  • Proper sewing techniques and terminology to help you with sewing both store bought and PDF sewing patterns.
  • About different fabrics and what fabrics to choose for which sewing projects.
  • All about your sewing machine, machine needles and getting it threaded up.
  • Tips for getting a more professional, clean and neat finished sewing projects.
  • Plus, you’ll get to sew several simple projects including a keychain, tote bag and apron
  • AND BONUS 2 of the most popular PDF sewing patterns: Fleece Winter Cap & Kids Pajama Bottoms

sewing basics


FAQ's About Sewing Basics for Beginners

Will I really learn to sew?
Yes, you really will learn to sew. The course is designed to walk you through all the basics of sewing. By the time you finish the course, you’ll have sewn up several different sewing projects using multiple sewing techniques.

Will the course be hard?
No, but it does take some time. The course is set so you can go at your own pace. You don’t have to rush.

What if I have questions along the way? Where can I ask them?
The course has a private Facebook group for those that would like a little more guidance or a place to ask questions. You can ask questions, share photos and start discussions.

What supplies will I need for the course?
You really only need a basic sewing kit to get started. You’ll need a good pair of sewing scissors, a seam ripper, measuring tape, pin cushion and pins, and your sewing machine.

How do I learn to sew so that my project doesn't look “homemade”?
The answer is practice. The more you sew, the better you get and the better your finished projects look. This course will also teach you the simple techniques to make your projects look flawless.

The Sewing Basics for Beginners course will walk you through all the basics of getting started sewing.

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