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Free Girls Skirt Sewing Patterns

Warm weather is just weeks away in my neck of the woods.  Which means I've got some spring cleaning and organizing on the brain. 

Which also means I am getting ready to go through all of my children's clothing and start pulling out the old, too short and grungy clothes and replacing with fresh, not as hole-y clothes.

And my daughter LOVES wearing dresses and skirts.  (I have no idea where she came from because I am all about the jeans and tees.)
Great list of skirt sewing patterns free for little girls for fall, spring and summer sewing.

She is my only girl and we have almost hit the bottom of our hand-me-downs from friends and cousins.  I figured now was a good time to do some research and add some skirt sewing patterns to our list.

All of the skirts on the list are freebies.  Some you sign up for newsletters, others are tutorials and some are simple download and print PDFs.  But each is adorable and different

If you are looking to upgrade that little girl skirt wardrobe, this is the post for you!

Free Skirt Sewing Patterns

skirt sewing patterns free

skirt patterns free

skirt sewing patterns free

I really hope this list of free skirt patterns inspired you and got you thinking about updating that little girl wardrobe.


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