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Toy Bin Storage Cut Files

"Mom, where is my Cat Car?" my 9 year old screamed at me from downstairs.

"I don't know.  Did you look in your room?"  I calmly yelled back.

"It's not here!!" was his quick reply.
toy bin labels

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Of course, I being Mom, knew it was in his room.  In fact, I had seen it there just moments earlier and had reminded him yet again to pick up his toys and put them in his toy box.

But naturally, that didn't happen. 

Picking up toys and throwing them all into one bin was getting old.  Don't get me wrong.  All our toys had a place, but no one seemed to know what that place was.

toy bin labels svg

Finally, I decided we needed some toy bin labels.  FAST!!

Not just to keep down the clutter but to really help everyone know where their toys went.

When I finally sat down to design these labels, I recognized it was important to pick a font that my children could read.  No cursive or crazy fonts that would have them asking me constantly what the bin said.

Organize all those toys, games and books with these free toy bin labels you can cut out with your cutting machine.

I also needed to make sure whatever the words were, they recognized.  I didn't want to put "hot wheels" if we called them just cars.  Or "action figures" if we called them "superheroes".

Funny what runs through your head when you are a Mom.

Let me show you how I put these labels together.

Free Toy Bin Labels for Cutting Machines

Materials Needed

Make sure to check out our video showing our toy closet with all the bins finished.

cricut toy storage ideas
Step 1
Download the free toy bin labels cut files at the end of the post. 

Upload the ones you plan to use to Cricut Design Space and resize to fit your storage containers.

toy storage labels
 Step 2
Send cut files to your cutting machine and cut them out.

kids toy storage labels

Step 3
Weed your designs.  Add transfer tape.

toy closet vinyl words
Step 4
Place design onto your storage containers.

Place all your toys into bins and put them on your shelves!!

Now you are all organized and it will making rotating toys and books so much easier.  Or just finding where a toy goes fast.

Here is the full list of toy titles you'll get when you download the files.
  • balls
  • barbies
  • blocks
  • books
  • dress up
  • hot wheels
  • kids kitchen
  • legos
  • little people
  • magnetic tiles
  • ninja turtles
  • pokemon
  • ponies
  • princesses
  • superheroes
  • toolbox

Now, if you are wanting stop your kids from yelling at you "where is my toy", even just for the 10 minutes your toy closet will stay organized, make sure to follow the instructions below to download the toy labels.

Want the free toy bin labels in PNG or SVG files?  Simply click the buttons below to download them right to your device.

Organize all those toys, games and books with these free toy bin labels you can cut out with your cutting machine.

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