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There All Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus Party Ideas

"Oh look!  Another glorious morning!  Makes me sick!"

This was the quote of the night for our first ever cousins Hocus Pocus party.

If you've never seen Hocus Pocus, let me suggest to you to go check it out.

This movie was not popular when it came out in the 90's.  Believe me, I know.

But as a family, we watched it religiously every October.  We laughed, quoted and created t-shirts revolving around this silly and sometimes frightening trio of witches.

Have your own Halloween gathering with the Sanderson Sisters using these fun and free Hocus Pocus party ideas.
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We finally decided to truly introduce our children to the Sanderson Sisters this year.  Which meant of course we had to have an official Hocus Pocus party.

And boy did we ever!

With a little help from my Cricut Maker machine, we pulled off a fun, not scary Halloween party that all our kids or cousin friends, as we put it, loved.  This will become a tradition I am sure.

Let me share with you what we put together.

DIY Hocus Pocus Party Ideas

Materials Needed

Just a quick tips, party planning does not have to be expensive!  Go to your local dollar store or Walmart.  You can easily decorate for a party for under $20.  Just be creative and don't stress over perfection.
hocus pocus party

Since this was a family party, we thought it best to give some food options.  We had a nacho bar.  With delicious offerings like "Dead Mans Toe" and "Eye of Newt".
hocus pocus party ideas

Attendees could decide what they liked to top their nachos and add their own bit of Hocus Pocus to their meal.

hocus pocus party

Of course we also invited good 'ole Thackery Binks.

If you aren't familiar with Thackery, he is the boy who turns into a cat for 300 years.

Thackery is carefully watching over our zombie cookies that were inspired by Billy in the movie.  Each child got 2 cookies and could decorate them however they wished.  They got to take them home in their Hocus Pocus treat bags.

hocus pocus party ideas

Once dinner and cookie decorating were concluded, it was time for the movie.

hocus pocus party

During the movie popcorn was a must.  So of course Winnie, Mary and Sarah helped dish out the treats in these paper buckets.

hocus pocus party ideas

Overall, we had a great time.  Lots of food was eaten.  Loads of movie quotes were shared.  And our kids are now official members of the Hocus Pocus fan club.

hocus pocus party

I thought I'd share a few details about the resources I used for this party and some cost.

Party Expenses
  • Party streamers - Walmart 98¢ each   ----  $3
  • Spider web table cloth - dollar store ----  $1
  • Hocus Pocus Sign - about $3 total
  • Popcorn Buckets -  about $1
  • Treat bags - $1
  • Cat - 20¢
  • Balloons - $1
  • Total ---- $10.20  (not including food)
Cut Files
  • Cat cut file from Cricut Design Space - Link at the end of the post
  • Buckets and treat bags also in Design Space
  • Sanderson Sister Cut Files from Persia Lou - this is a free file that I sliced and used for different parts of the party

hocus pocus party ideas

There you have it!  I hope you'll have your own Hocus Pocus party.

Ready to party with the Sanderson Sisters?  Here are a few cut files to help you get started.  Click the button below 

Have your own Halloween gathering with the Sanderson Sisters using these fun and free Hocus Pocus party ideas.

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