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DIY Spell Books for Halloween

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble....

Such a great quote from Macbeth that brings all things creepy, crawly and witchy to mind.  Especially Halloween decorating.

Decorating for October and Halloween makes my heart so happy.  Over the years I've collected a few items that help me turn my front room into a bit of a witches home.
How to make a DIY spellbooks for simple Halloween decorating or as a fun fall project.
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One thing a witch always has a is a good spellbook.  Even Harry Potter had his own book of spells.  

I'll share my fun project on how to make a DIY spellbook with you so you can add them to your collection.
spell book diy

The great thing about this project is you can find most of the materials either at a second hand store or at the dollar store.  No need to spend tons of money.

Plus, you can make a big stack of DIY spellbooks and have fun displaying them around you house all season long.

halloween spell book diy

DIY Spellbooks Tutorial

Materials Needed

how to make a spellbook
 Step 1
Add Mod Podge to the front of the book cover.  Use it liberally.

halloween spell book diy
 Step 2
Place paper towel over the cover of the book and glue on the inside.

spell book diy
Step 3
I like to add my plastic toys to the first layer of paper towel.  Apply with a glue gun.

how to make a spellbook
 Step 4
Use a marker to draw wings on your skeleton.

spell book diy
 Step 5
Outline you design with the glue gun.

halloween spell book diy

You can also add your design to the cover of your book before adding the paper towel.  It is up to you.

how to make a spellbook
 Step 6
Add additional layers of paper towel over your design.  Tear your paper towel to give different textures or designs.

It is okay if the design colors still show through.  You'll be painting over the paper towel.

Allow Mod Podge to dry completely.

halloween spell book diy
  Step 7
Apply a layer of brown paint to the book to start.  Allow to dry.

Use black paint and metallic brown paints to highlight the skeleton or hot glue design.  This helps the book look older and a bit dingy.  Dry completely.

how to make a spellbook

Don't they look so great?!

How to make a DIY spellbooks for simple Halloween decorating or as a fun fall project.

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