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Enjoy the Smells of Christmas at Home

It's that time of year again. Our house is buzzing with activity, from hosting guests, to throwing holiday parties, to wrapping gifts and decorating the mantel.

But first things first, I want my house to be clean, smell like Christmas and be organized for all my guests that plan to arrive. I usually start by giving my home a quick holiday cleaning and refreshing with this checklist.

Next, I want my home to showcase all the smells of Christmas. Which can be a little tricky since I don't want it to overwhelm anyone either.

Get your home smelling like the holidays with these tips for how to get your home to smell like Christmas.
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As I have shopped and experimented over the years, my big question is how to get my house to have those yummy Christmas smells without making anyone nauseous.

Yes, I love the smell of pine, orange, peppermint and cinnamon. What I don't love is the smell being so overpowering that I can't enjoy them. I just need a little bit of fragrance that smells yummy but doesn't chase away my house guests.

Today I want to share with you some great DIY ways to incorporate the delicious smells of Christmas in your own home this holiday season.

Smells of Christmas

Tip #1 -Christmas scented Sachets

Enjoy the Smells of Christmas at Home

Have you ever made a sachets?  It is super easy.  

You can purchase pre-made potpourri like this this Christmas potpourri, or you can collect your own ingredients like fresh pine needles or cinnamon sticks.  

Place these items into a small bag like this drawstring bag that can close.  Place these bags around your home in bathrooms, sock drawers or linen closets to add a those yummy smells of Christmas throughout your home.

The best part about sachets is that they aren't usually super strong smelling.  You'll get those Christmas scents that aren't overpowering.


Tip #2 - Find a delicious holiday soap or spray

I love a good soap and all purpose spray. But during the holidays, I really love that I can change up my regular routine and put out my soaps in the smells of Christmas.

This year I am excited to use my new Mrs. Meyer's Peppermint soaps. It really smells like peppermint but it isn't overpowering like I sometimes get from other soaps and sprays.

You can also get Iowa Pine and Orange Clove (which I'll admit I just ordered.) If you are looking for a delicious smell of Christmas without the hassle, check out the November deal from Grove Collaborative.

Make your own Simple Santa Caddy with this free SVG and PNG file.  Makes a great gift and fun way to get your home ready for the holidays.
New customers will get the holiday set when you place your first order of $20:

  • Free Mrs. Meyer's holiday hand soap
  • Free Mrs. Meyer's holiday dish soap
  • Free Mrs. Meyer's holiday multi-surface spray
  • Grove Collaborative red caddy
  • Grove Collaborative walnut scrubber sponges

Check out the video for how I used my red caddy to make my Santa Belt Bucket and how to make a simple sachet.

Grab the free SVG and PNG Santa Belt patterns below


Tip #3 - Make your own Christmas potpourri
Yep, that's right. You can make your own Christmas potpourri. You don't need a lot of ingredients, but you will want to pick from your favorite smells of Christmas.

For instance, I love orange, cinnamon and cloves. So that is what I use to make my potpourri. I place my potpourri on the stove top in some water and simmer it on a a low heat.

Once it has simmered, turn it down to low and let it sit for the day. Your home will smell wonderful!!

Another option is to get a tiny slow cooker that you can plug in, add your ingredients and let simmer all day.

My mother has one and the house smells delicious and you don't have to keep the stovetop on. 

Tip #4 - Essential oilsEnjoy the Smells of Christmas at Home

Essential oils are a great way to clean your home but they are also a great way to add a little Christmas smell to your home.  You'll want a essential oils diffuser or two in your home to start with.  

Next, decide what smells you enjoy the most for Christmas.  Just remember to research each scent before adding it to the diffuser.  Some scents are not meant to be diffused and others should only be diffused in small amounts.  

Also, don't forget to allow you home some essential oil downtime.  Don't diffuse every day.  Take a day off now and then to allow your body and home to adjust.

I want to share with you one of my favorite diffuser blends for the holidays.

Peppermint Diffuser Blend

Mix with water and add to diffuser.

Tip #5 - No Bake Cinnamon Ornaments
I love the smell of cinnamon around the holiday season.  It brings back so many wonderful memories.  One of those memories is my mother helping us make these No Bake Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments.  

Not only are these ornaments the perfect craft for kids, but they are a great gift idea for friends and family.  Plus, when you add them to your tree, the whole house will smell like Christmas.  

Here's the recipe for you to try on your own.  I think this ornament will become one of your favorite smells of Christmas.

Smells of Christmas at Home

1 c. Cinnamon 
1 Tbsp cloves
1 Tbsp Nutmeg
1 c. Applesauce 

Combine cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Add applesauce; stir to combine.

Work mixture with hands 2-3 minutes until dough is smooth and thoroughly mixed.

Divide into 4 portions. Roll each portion to 1/4" thickness.  Cut with cookie cutters. Use straw to make small hole in top.

Place cutouts on wire racks and dry at room temperature for several days. Keep turning every few hours.

When dry, thread ribbon through hole in ornament.

See how easy it is to get the delicious smells of Christmas right into your own home all season long.  

If you're lucky, you already have some of these great products in your home and you can get it smelling delicious right now!