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How to Make Harry Potter Potion Labels

Every year, usually around July, I get this itch to re-read my Harry Potter books again.  Perhaps it is the fact that Harry and I share the same birthday month.  (That must mean we have a deep connection.  I must really be a witch!)  

Or maybe it is the fact that around July is when I relax a bit more and enjoy the summer and my kids and feel more like reading.  Or maybe it is just because I love Harry Potter and need to read it every year.  In all actuality, it is probably all of these things combined.  

Naturally, this year was no different.  Around the middle of July I downloaded and listened to book 3 in my car while driving the kids to appointments, lessons and family gatherings.  They enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Step by step tutorial and video on how to make your own Harry Potter potion labels.  Perfect for decorating this Halloween.

That being said, when Marissa from RaeGun Ramblings contacted me about joining in on her Back to Hogwarts series.  I was all for it!  But what to create.  

I wanted something that could be displayed during Halloween, since I love me a good Halloween DIY project.  After thinking a bit, I decided to make these fun Harry Potter potion labels and attach them to some fun bottles.  Because what witch or wizard doesn't have a supply of good potions on hand.

Step by step tutorial and video on how to make your own Harry Potter potion labels.  Perfect for decorating this Halloween.

My kids and I looked around the house and a couple of stores and stocked up on some fun bottles.  We talked about what the potions might look like and which ones they would want to try. 

 We experimented a bit with the contents of each bottle and finally, we created these fun Harry Potter Potion Labels to either stick on each bottle or as a hanging tag.  I will admit, we are all very excited to display them in our house.  

Although I am a bit worried that my kids might actually try to use them. 

harry potter potion labels

Let me walk you through how we made these great bottles and labels.  And you can download the cut files for yourself if you'd like to make your own.

How to Make Harry Potter Potion Labels

Materials Needed

Step 1

Start by painting your sticker paper.  Combine your two metallic paints to create an old look to your paper.  You could also run it through a printer to get the look.

Step 2

Get your potion bottles ready.  You can add a squirt of paint into the bottle and swish the bottle to color it.  Or combine a little glitter with the paint to add a different look.  Some of the bottles I poured in a bit of water and than added some paint and mixed it.  Do some experimenting until you get what you want.

harry potter potion labels
Step 3
Load the SVG cut files into your Cricut Design Space.  Decide which labels will go on which bottles and resize them to fit where needed.

I've provided specific potions that I know Harry Potter fans will recognize, but you are welcome to change them how you see fit.  In fact, some of mine aren't really potions, but they fit together still.  Here is a list of those I created:

Unicorn Blood
Floo Powder
Felix Felicis
Veritaserum Truth Serum

harry potter potion labels

Step 4
Cut out Harry Potter potion labels on sticker paper or on cardstock.  You might need to do a combination of each depending on the size of your potion bottles.  My Cricut Machine not only cuts the label but it also draws on the potions name.

Step 5

Add stickers to clean bottles.  You can wash and rinse them or just wash the area where the are meant to stick.  If they don't stick, try painting some Mod Podge over the label to help it adhere to the bottles.

harry potter potion labels
Step 6
Place a hole punch in any of the cardstock labels.  Make sure it is in a spot that won't punch out the name of the potion or make it super difficult to read once it is tied on the bottle.
harry potter potion labels
Step 7
Cut about a 14" length of twine for each bottle.  Fold it in half so one side has a loop.  Wrap the twine around the bottle.  Thread the raw ends of the twine through the looped end of the twine and pull.

For some bottles you may thread the label through the twine before going through the loop.  For others you can tie it on the bottom.  It just depends on the look you want to give it.

Step 8

Now go display those potion bottles with pride.  You worked hard making those potions and now the world should see you're just as good a potion maker as Severus Snape.

Step by step tutorial and video on how to make your own Harry Potter potion labels.  Perfect for decorating this Halloween.

Now that you have your own Harry Potter potion labels, what else are you going to make to celebrate being a witch or a wizard?  Here are some other fun Harry Potter decorating ideas?  Check out these printable Textbook covers, or this fun Double Trouble poster or finally, this fun Nevermore pillow project.

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Step by step tutorial and video on how to make your own Harry Potter potion labels.  Perfect for decorating this Halloween.