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Fabric Ball: Simple Handmade Baby Toys

Baby toys are the best.  I remember when I was pregnant with my first born.  My husband and I spent so much time looking at baby stuff, but more than anything, we looked at all the baby toys.  From balls to stuffed animals to rattles.  So many fun big toys and little toys.  However, once our son was born, our mentality changed a bit.  Yes, we still loved toys (probably because my husband is a big kid himself), but we also wanted quality toys and we didn't always find what we were looking for.  That's when I started dabbling in handmade baby toys.  

Fabric Ball: Handmade Baby Toys
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I'll admit, my first few attempts were....okay.  Of course, he was a baby and he didn't care if it looked a little strange or wasn't quite as cute as it should have been.  But I slowly got better, like this faux chenille bunny that I made the year my daughter was born.  Or these Cabbage Patch Doll clothes patterns that fit her dolls so well.

What I loved was that I could create something that my child would love.  Handmade baby toys are just another way for us to say how much we love a sweet little one.  They take time, effort and skill.  But if you haven't started making anything for the sweet tiny people in your life, this is a really great jumping off point.  This is the Favorite Fabric Ball from Cricut.  It is seriously the sweetest little baby fabric ball pattern.

garden girl sampler

This fabric ball pattern is a great beginner sewing project.  To start you'll want to grab some great baby fabric like these on the Fat Quarter Shop website.

Load your fabric in the Cricut Maker and get cutting.  There are only fabric 6 pieces that you need cut out with your Maker.  Then you basically sew a straight line to attach all the pieces.  Add a bit of polyfil and use this method of fixing a ripped pillow to close up the opening.  

Fabric Ball: Handmade Baby Toys

Now you have a sweet baby fabric ball.  Sew up a few and you have some handmade baby toys to give away at baby showers or for the holidays.

Create these simple baby fabric balls for a fun gift for that sweet little one in your life.  Create a couple and you'll have some perfect handmade baby toys