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Tricks for Working with Oversized Vinyl Projects

I've always been impressed when I've gone to stores, offices and homes that have gorgeous, oversized vinyl sayings or images on their walls.  They look so great but never seem like something I could do. 

 WRONG!  It is totally doable for the "average" crafter.  Yes, that means me and you. All you need is a little patience and some great tips for working with oversized vinyl projects.

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Tricks for Working with Oversized Vinyl Projects

Tip #1 - Pick your font and images carefully.

Even though this is a big vinyl project, your font and images will still have to be weeded and placed on a large surface.  Make sure you don't have tiny fonts or loads of little pieces to weed.  This will not only be time consuming, but you could easily waste a lot of vinyl in the process.  Start with something simple and basic and work your way up to the more complex oversized vinyl projects.

Tip #2 - Zoom Out
Did you know there was a zoom in and out feature in Design Space?  No.  Me neither!  But now I do and my life is changed.  Zoom out easily to work on larger projects to ensure that you can see the BIG picture. 

Tip #3 - MEASURE
Another tip for tips for working with oversized vinyl projects is to measure the wall, canvas or surface you plan for your vinyl to go on.  Get a width and height.  Write it down.  Create your project in design space.  Use those measurements.  And before you cut....RE-MEASURE!!  Nothing is worse than wasting vinyl because you didn't measure.

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Tip #4 - Don't forget to Mirror
Big projects are exciting and fun, especially making giant reverse canvas projects.  But if you are using iron-on vinyls, DON'T FORGET TO MIRROR THE IMAGE.  I scream this because I've done it.  You could measure for days and get it right and than forget to mirror the image and you'll be crying all the way to the trash can.  Working with oversized vinyl projects is already a challenge, no need to waste vinyl too.

Tip #5- Use the right transfer tape
I can speak from experience.  If you don't want to be crying (or swearing) when you are trying to lift your glitter vinyl with regular transfer tape because you only had a little bit of strong grip transfer tape, make sure you use the right transfer tape.  Strong grip transfer tapes for heavy vinyls.  Regular transfer tapes for everyday vinyl.

Tip #6 - Get a nice tennis ball
I know that sounds a bit silly.  What in the world are you going to need a tennis ball for?  Most walls in homes and offices have some type of texture.  When applying vinyl, it won't always stick in those crevices in the wall.  So grab that tennis ball and roll it around the vinyl.  It will help push the vinyl into the texturing which will help the vinyl stick longer.  This is a great tip for working with oversized vinyl projects.

Now you can use these great tips for working with oversized vinyl projects and start creating your own.  Now check out our post on How to Create Your Oversize Vinyl Project is Design Space.