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Hello Spring Vinyl Decor with Free SVG File

The best part about spring and summer for me are all the colors and especially the flowers.  But of course, since we live in Idaho, the weather can never decide what it is going to do.  Some years our winters last until May.  Others our summer gets so hot you can barely keep your flowers alive.  That is one of the reasons I love being able to craft.  You can create beautiful floral arrangements without having to worry about the weather.  

Hello Spring Vinyl Decor with Free SVG File

That is where the inspiration for this little sign started.  Our Spring was a little crazy this year and I really needed some flowers in my life.  But it was too cold to really plant anything.  I found these beautiful flowers at my local craft store and knew they would be perfect on a sign.

Hello Spring Vinyl Decor with Free SVG File
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The trick was deciding what to put them in.  I originally thought I'd use a watering can, but decided against it.  Instead, I thought about what I already use to plant flowers, which is my wooden barrel.  That is how this design was born.

Hello Spring Vinyl Decor with Free SVG FileHello Summer Vinyl Decor with Free SVG File

Since spring only lasts so long, I decided to make a "hello summer" file too.  That way whether it is Spring or Summer, I've got you covered. 

Materials Needed
Artificial flowers or paper flowers
Wooden sign or Canvas
Cricut Maker and Silhouette Cameo 3 (I've got them both)

Step 1
Prep your sign.  If you have a wooden sign, make sure you wipe it down before you try and put any vinyl on it.  Dirty signs don't let vinyl stick.
Hello Spring Vinyl Decor with Free SVG File

Step 2
Add vinyl to your sign.

Step 3
Hot glue your flowers to your sign.  Or you can always cut out felt or paper flowers like I did for this fun costume project.

Hello Spring Vinyl Decor with Free SVG File

Free Hello Spring Cut File for a fun sign or vinyl project