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Hide Those Nasty Stains: How to Make a Bench Cushion Cover

Do you have one of those "catch all" areas in your house?  

You know, the place where everyone throws their shoes, books, bags, toys, etc?  

Does it drive you crazy like it does me?

Does it get super dirty and messy and make you wonder why anyone ever invented bedrooms and closets?

Let me just start by saying, we are a normal family like everyone else in the world.  We have stains on furniture and holes in pillows. 
How to Make a Bench Cushion Cover Tutorial

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We purchased this bench about 5 years ago.  We have it in our entryway so those that visitors can sit to take off their shoes or a place to put their stuff down. And as an added bonus, it worked great for keeping the area clear of clutter and the big mess. But the cushion needed covered.  Like BAD.  Like people noticed and commented about how gross it looked.  

How to Make a Bench Cushion Cover Tutorial

Just look at the image below.  It isn't like I didn't try to clean the thing, but it just isn't a material that cleans up real well.  I knew this, but just was to lazy to do anything about it.  

However, when your father-in-law notices, it's time to maybe take some action.  {Not that I wasn't planning to do this before, it just was low on the list.}

Entry way bench

Now if you have a nasty bench like this, you can easily recover it, hide the mess and make a nice washable cover for future messes.  See, saving you time, money and a bit of embarrassment.

Materials Needed
3 Cube Bench with Cushion
Industrial strength Velcro - THIS is what I used.  Has been really strong and no moving.
Yard of fabric - I used a knit fabric, but you can use a cotton woven
1/2" elastic 
Tape measure

Sewing supplies and fabric

Step 1
Pull that cushion off your bench.  Wipe it down the best you can.  Cut 2 pieces of industrial Velcro and place them equally apart on your bench.  Then place your cushion down on the bench.  This will ensure that your velcro always matches up.

Bench cushion and elastic

Step 2
Measure the length, width and height of your cushion.
Now the math, you'll want to cut out a rectangle that is the following dimensions:
Height + Length + Height + 2" = Length measurement
Height + Width + Height +2" = Width measurement

Bench cushion

Step 4
Cut out your rectangle

Fabric rectangle

Step 5
Fold the edges of the rectangle towards the wrong side of the fabric at least 5/8".  Stitch along the raw edges to create a casing. {Check out this post on How to Make a Casing} Leave a 2" opening so you can thread your elastic through.

Wrong side of fabric

Elastic and safety pin going into casing

Step 6
Place a safety pin on the end of the elastic and carefully feed the elastic through the entire casing.  Place cover on your cushion and pull your elastic until you get and nice snug fit.  Trim your elastic so the ends will overlap about 1".

Bench cushion covered with fabric

Step 7
Overlap the elastic ends and stitch them together.  Close the 2" opening.  Place the cover on your cushion.

How to Make a Bench Cushion Cover Tutorial

Congratulations!  Your bench now looks like new and your family {aka Father-in-law} will no longer harass you about making a cover for it.   Added BONUS, you can pull it off and throw it in the wash anytime it needs cleaned.

Little girl sitting on entry way bench

Hide Those Nasty Stains:  How to Make a Bench Cushion Cover

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