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Sleepyhead Sewalong Day 1

Sleepyhead Nightgown GYCT Designs

Welcome to the Sleepyhead Nightgown Sew-a-long. 

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The pattern comes in sizes 12 months to 12.  So it fits a wide rage of little people.  And it is the perfect pattern for sewing during the holiday season.  It is designed for knit fabrics, but don't let that scare you.  We are going to talk about choosing fabrics today.  So keep reading!  

Now, who wants in on our PRIZES??

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Okay, so prizes!!

To be eligble for a prize just join our GYCT Facebook group.  You'll upload an image of your completed Sleepyhead Nightgown to our album.  Album prizes include:

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Now, let's get sewing!

Let's talk knit fabric. 

Sleepyhead Nightgown Sew-a-long Day 1

 A lot of people are scared of knit fabrics.  


Maybe because they stretch.  Maybe because grandma never taught you how to sew on knit.  Or maybe, it's just because you haven't taken the leap and tried.

Let me tell you now.  There is NOTHING to be afraid of.  Knit fabrics are so easy to sew and your creations will come out AMAZING.  I promise once you start sewing with knits you'll never go back.

That isn't to say you won't have your frustrations.  Or get mad and throw your project across the room.  (Like you've ever done that.  Not me.....Okay so maybe once.  Or a handful of times.)  But knits really are so simple once you get the hang of it.

Now that you feel better about sewing with knits, let's talk about specific knit fabrics.

Jersey Knits, Medium to Light Weight

Choosing Knit Fabrics By GYCT Designs
Lots of Stretch

Jersey fabrics are knits that have quite a bit of stretch .  They also have a very soft and smooth surface.  Sometimes even shiny.  They are a thinner than other knit fabrics so they aren't always great to use for sleepwear unless it is during warmer months.  They do have great drape so are best used for dresses or flowy tops.  However, they can be good for some tops and t-shirts.  Just check the thickness first.

Choosing Knit Fabrics By GYCT DesignsChoosing Knit Fabrics By GYCT Designs

Interlock Fabrics
Choosing Knit Fabrics By GYCT Designs
Medium Stretch

Interlock is probably my preferred choice for the Sleepyhead Nightgown.  It has a great weight, or thickness.  It stretches well but not too much.  It is soft and comfy.  It drapes fairly well, but not as well as Jersey.  So you might not want to use an interlock for a flowy top or dress.  But it is perfect for something like the Sleepyhead Nightgown, Tinley Tee or Rival Raglan.

Choosing Knit Fabrics By GYCT DesignsChoosing Knit Fabrics By GYCT Designs

Ponte Knit Fabrics
Choosing Knit Fabrics By GYCT Designs
Small amount of stretch

Ponte knits do not have as much stretch.  They are also a heavier weight.  They work for tops like a t-shirt, but they can have a coarser texture than jersey or interlock.  Ponte is sturdy and great for skirts or jackets.  You can use Ponte for the Sleepyhead Nightgown if you'd like something a little heavier.  However, I have found that Ponte tends to pill more in washing.  Meaning they get little fuzzy balls on them after so many washes.  So you may need to handwash or just wash and lay flat to dry. Which isn't always a good choice for sleepwear that is worn a lot. 

Choosing Knit Fabrics By GYCT DesignsChoosing Knit Fabrics By GYCT Designs
 Rival Raglan in ponte and and Tinley Tee 


Another fabric that is brought up a lot when it comes to sleepwear is fleece.  It is comfy and cozy and kids LOVE the feel of it.  The biggest downfall for fleece, when it comes to the Sleepyhead Nightgown, is stretch.  Fleece has very little stretch which would make it difficult to get this particular nightgown over someones head.  Can it be done?  Yes.  But you may need to go up a size in the nightgown and make sure to test it over your child's head before sewing all your side seams and sleeves together.  

Fleece Jacket
Denali Jacket in Fleece

Have you picked a knit fabric yet?  I hoped this helped a little bit.  Check out what else is to come on our Sew-a-long!


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Sleepyhead Nightgown GYCT Designs


  1. Thanks for the Sew along my daughter needs a new night gown!

  2. This is perfect timing to use this to make nightgowns for Christmas presents...thank you!

  3. Ok Chels... I watched your videos and I’m inspired. I can’t believe I am admitting this but I have NEVER seen with knits before and I am scared!! But next time I go to the fabric store I’m gonna buy some knit fabric and give this nightgown a shot! I’m excited to try it... a little scared, too, but mostly excited!

  4. That would be *sewn... not seen...

  5. I'm hoping to get one sewn for my 3 yr old! :) Love this pattern!


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