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20 Simple Back to School Sewing Projects

I love Back to School season.  It has so many memories from my childhood.  From shopping for school supplies to picking the first day of school outfit.  Just the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and brand new sneakers takes me back to childhood.  Which means it is no surprise that when July ends and August begins I've got a list of simple back to school sewing projects I want to do.  Of course, not all back to school sewing is about making new clothes for my kids.  Though I do enjoy that.

20 Simple Back to School Sewing Projects including backpacks, pencil pouches, snack and lunch projects

Instead, a lot of my yearly list includes other things to sew for back to school projects.  Items like zipper pouches, lunch boxes or key-chains.  They are the essentials, but sometimes we don't think about sewing these items because we often just buy them at the store.  Think of the money we could save if we just went through our stash of fabric and created some super simple back to school sewing projects.  Plus, our kids would love them even more because they could help pick the fabric or even help sew some of the projects.  

Perhaps this list will inspire you to take a moment this year and make some simple back to school sewing projects for your little people.  I'm sure they will thank you later.

Back to school sewing projects

Tweens and teens alike will love this simple project.  In fact, adults will like it too.  (Seriously, I have searched for 20 minutes this morning for my earbuds, no luck.)

This would be a super fun project for an elementary age child.  Think of all the art supplies they could hold in this baby!

My preschooler made her own crayon roll this summer.  She loves it and plans to use it for Kindergarten in the fall.  It is a great and super simple back to school sewing project.

I would have never thought to make my own napkins for lunches.  Brilliant!!

What a great idea for those binders all those middle school and high school students carry around.  I should make one for my own binders!

Quick sew that is perfect for preschool to high school students.

Who doesn't need their own package of tissues?  Make them trendy by customizing the fabric for each child.

Keep their money safe with a fun foxy coin pouch

How about send them off with a little snack bag that is handmade

I think I just need to make this tote for myself, although, my children would love it too.

Wouldn't this be a perfect project for a gym bag or after school pack?  Doesn't every kid need this simple back to school sewing project

Make them their own library book bag for all those afternoon trips to the library

Send some markers and they can craft while they snack!

This super pretty pencil case, perfect for high schoolers.

Quick and free reusable snack bag for packing those lunches every single day

Protect that iPad or Kindle with this cool guard that can be made in loads of fun patterns.

Get those older kids organized with this simple wallet that can hold so much

Have them make their own little art kit to keep all their crafting supplies

Make a custom backpack just for them.  They'll never forget it.  Plus, it might last longer!!

Make this fun clutch for craft supplies or even as a make-up bag for teen girls.

There you have it!  Such a super simple list of back to school sewing projects, but perfect for busy kids to keep them organized and get you sewing!!


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  2. The link to the Circular earbud Holder is dead and I can't find the item on her website. The Gadget Guard is a $10 pattern.

    1. Just updated the Circular earbud link. As for the Gadget Guard, often popular posts become paid patterns. My guess is that is what happened here.


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