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20+ AWESOME Halloween Party Food Ideas

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the fact that you can make some super fun and tasty treats.  Every Halloween we have a family party.  We get together, eat yummy food and go trick-or-treating.  I try to come up with some fun themed Halloween party food ideas each year. My struggle is deciding on a theme and narrowing down some fun food ideas.  

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My favorite place to start is Pinterest.  But you can't always find what you need there.  That's why we put together this great list of over 20 fun Halloween party food ideas.  With these ideas you can put together a really fun Halloween party without a ton of hard work.

We've also included a reason why some of these recipes would be so great for your party.

These are super quick and you only need an inexpensive skull cupcake mold.  You could use some general Halloween molds as well.

This is probably one of my kids favorite treats.  Such an easy make and really yummy too.

Everyone loves a cute monster plus this is a super easy Halloween party food idea

If you're looking for a healthy Halloween snack, here's a good one for you to make.  Plus, it is super cute.

How adorable are these?

Such a fun idea for a school party or family gathering.

A fun and fast way to decorate your cupcake

Yummy drink that is great for all ages

These are usually a hit our our party each year

All you need are brownies and some fun candy moldes

Quick and just need a little food dye

You could make a whole family of Frankenstein cookies

This would be a fun and scary treat, great for an teen or adult party.  You just need some party syringes.

Suckers are great for parties or for treats at school parties too

One of my favorite Halloween party food ideas are these cookies.  Just a fun idea and you can grab the eyeball candies on Amazon.

Such a simple idea but with some fun Halloween sprinkles it makes this yummy treat festive.

All you need is a brain mold and you can create some really great Halloween foods.

Enjoy that fall classic, pumpkin with a new fun twist for a yummy dinner idea.

I make spider cookies most years and they are always a hit and super tasty.  Plus, this recipe is gluten free.

I'll admit, this one is a little creepy, but it is super cool too.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with some yummy cookies.

Candy bark is quick, can be made with some many different candies and won't last long on the platter.

Another fun and healthy Halloween snack idea

Donuts really are a Halloween tradition.  Make them homemade and add festive sprinkles.

Kids and adults alike love gummies.  Halloween ones make the day a bit more special.