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Sewing 101: How to Understitch

Bringing home a little post I shared over at the Swhetty Betties blog a month or so ago.  It is a super simple post, but so important for new and experienced sewers to know.  We are talking Understitching.  Many sewers know about topstitching which helps finish off a seam and keeps it in place.  However, for many types of fabrics and projects, understitching is a better and more professional finish.  If you are sewing with satins or silks, often understitch keeps the neckline from rolling and keeps it nice and flat.  Understitch is also only visible on the lining or facing fabric instead of on the front of the garment, which is preferable on many sheer or fine fabrics.

So let's get right to it.

Step 1
Start by sewing your lining or facing to your main fabric with right sides together.  Mine pictured below is a bodice front and back.  Stitch around the neckline at the appropriate seam allowance.  Press.

Step 2
If you are on a curved edge, clip around the curve every 1-2 inches.  This will help the curve to lay nice and flat and gives a little ease.

Step 3
Turn you fabric right side out.  Press along the seam so it is nice and flat.

Step 4
Carefully lift your main fabric out of the way.  You'll see that I pulled my fabric towards the neckline.  Press your seam allowance towards your lining.  Stitch your seam allowance to your lining.  This is the "understitch".  This keeps the seam allowance in place and helps the seam to lay nice and flat.  But it also doesn't show the seam on the outside of the garment.  

Turn your garment right side out and press.  You can see below the stitching that is along the top edge of the lining.  That is the understitching.  You can see it on the lining, but flip your garment over.

Notice, no stitching on the outside of the garment neckline.  It does the same thing that topstitching does, meaning it keeps the seam allowance in place, but it doesn't show through.  

No go find something to understitch.  Happy Sewing!!

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  1. I've been sewing as a hobby since I was a kid but never learned about under-stitching! What a great tool you just gave me! Thanks for sharing! :)


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