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How to Make a Flower Headband

Today I wanted to share a fun little headband I made for my Little Miss for Christmas.  Yes, it is another Christmas gift from her Dress Up Box.  And I'm loving all the fun felt flowers I've been seeing everywhere.

How to Make a Felt Flower Headband

But I actually got the inspiration from one of our local girly jewelry stores.  We went along with my little niece to get her ears pierced this summer.  While we were their Little Miss ran around looking and trying on everything.  She put on the cutest little headband with flowers and it was SO cute I almost died.  However, I was not about to spend money on something I knew I could make.  So the Flower Headband was born.

Flower Headband for Make Believe Week

I decided I could make a fun little headband using what I already had at home.  It is perfect for dress up and she LOVES wearing it around the house.

Materials Needed:
Several pieces of colored felt
Hot Glue Gun
Needle and Thread

Step 1
Make your flowers.  

For the first flower, I cut a long rectangle of 2.5" x 7".  Fold it in half with long sides together.  Slice through your fold about half way.  Carefully roll your flower from one end to the other.  I used hot glue to glue the ends together.  You can make them larger or smaller.
How to Make a Flower Headband

Step 2
The second flower was pretty simple.  Cut out a flower shape.  My shape was about 2" across.  With your scissors, cut a spiral into the center of your flower.  Starting at the end, roll your flower into the center.  This will make a bud with petals like a rose.  Either glue or handstitch around the base of the flower.  The bigger your flower at the start, the larger your flower.
felt flowers

You can also use THIS flower tutorial to make a t-shirt flower and I cut our a few leaves in green felt.  Depending on home many flowers you want on your headband, you can also check out some other flower tutorials on pinterest.

Step 3
Grab your headband and hot glue gun.  Start placing your flowers and leaves in the center of the headband and work your way out.  You may want to angle them different directions for different looks.

How to Make a Flower Headband

Tada!  You are done.  Simple, fun and perfect for your little ones imagination.  My Little Miss usually wears her's around with her fairy wings or in her princess dresses.

Felt flower headband

Now you can go add it to your Headband Tower so you'll remember to wear it.

Flower Headband for Make Believe Week


  1. Oh, my word! How CUTE is that?! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thanks Marci! It really turned out so adorable. So glad you stopped by today.

  2. I wish baby girl would leave dish on her head! This is too cute!

  3. Those are adorable! I love little flower wreaths. I need to make more. Thanks for sharing!


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