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Tinley Tee Sewalong: Choosing Your Sleeve

I love having choices.  It makes for opportunities to be creative.  This is one of the reasons I designed the Tinley Tee.  I knew there were already several t-shirt designs out there, but I wanted one that had the sleeve options I was interested in.  I wanted a cute gathered cap sleeve.  And I wanted to be able to layer all the shorter sleeves with a long sleeve.  Everything I wanted, I got!

Today I wanted to share all the options and maybe some tips on getting the sleeve look you want.

Option 1:  Short Sleeve
Short sleeves are classic, great for girls and boys.  Short sleeves are great if you want some extra coverage from the sun and work nicely in cool weather too.  The nice thing about short sleeves is you can shorten them or lengthen them fairly easily.

Here are my two cuties in their short sleeve Tinley's.

Option 2:  Gathered Cap Sleeve
This is probably my favorite type of sleeve.  It is feminine but modest.  They are actually really easy to sew up.  Lucky for you, we put together a tutorial last year on a super simple way to sew this sleeve.  Especially if you are doing tiny baby sleeves.  Check out our Gathered Sleeve Tutorial post.

See, cute, cute, cute!!  This is my baby girl.  She really needs to stop growing!!

Option 3:  Flutter Sleeves
Flutter sleeves are perfect for hot weather.  The trick to sewing the perfect flutter sleeve is making sure your ends of your sleeve overlap your armhole slightly.  You don't want them peaking out.  

Another fun tip about flutter sleeves, if you are using knit fabrics, you don't even have to hem your sleeves if you don't want.  You can just leave them and they really will flutter.


Option 4:  Long sleeve or Layered sleeves
The best part about the Tinley Tee is that you have a long sleeve option.  I know that sounds funny, but with the long sleeve you have the chance to layer your sleeves for countless new styles.  Do a long sleeve on its own or add the gathered cap sleeve or a cute flutter sleeve.  Sewing for a boy?  Maybe just using the short sleeved layered with the long will do the trick.  So many choices for so many looks.

You could even change it up and add a cuff to the bottom instead of a regular hem.  Anyway you choose, you have a professional and classic look for your little one.

The sky is the limit when you sew up the Tinley Tee.  So, what are you going to do?

 Don't forget to join in our Tinley Tee Sew-a-long over in our GYCT Facebook Group.  We will have several winners and free stuff to give away!!!  Grab the Tinley Tee HERE.
Tinley Tee Sewalong by GYCT Designs

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