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Little Artist Palette Pattern Review for Betties Swap

Today I am taking a little break from designing and sharing a review of a really fun and great pattern.  This is the Little Artist Palette Pattern from Swoodson Says .  It is a super fun pattern for your growing little ones.

You might be asking yourself, well why would I need this pattern.  Well, it is such a great pattern for not only playtime but for teaching your little ones their colors and matching.  My baby girl is so curious and I knew this would be perfect for her.

The pattern can be made without the matching pieces.  Meaning, you can choose not to add the velcro and the matching pieces.  I decided to make the puzzle because it is a great way to use playtime as learning time.  Keeping track of the puzzle pieces makes it a little more challenging, but my little girl has really enjoyed pretending and working on matching her colors.

The pattern is fairly easy to follow.  It calls for the use of different colored fleece fabrics.  I actually used felt, because that is what I had on hand.  However, if you plan to wash the palette you'd probably not want to use felt.  Fleece is great because you don't have to add any seam finishes because it doesn't fray.

Overall, this really is a great little pattern.  Perfect for your toddler or preschooler.  I also love that it doesn't take a lot of fabric.  So you can use up some of your stash.  So take a moment and go check out the Little Artisit Palette Pattern from Swoodson Says .  You won't regret it!

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