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Spider Web T-shirt by From-A-Box

It's Halloween month!!! I am Stacey from From-a-Box where I share my sewing and crocheting and family adventures.  Today, I want to share a fun embellishment for a t-shirt for girls and boys, and even an adult!


It's a crocheted spider web snapped to a t-shirt with spider buttons snapped on the web.  The web is put on the shirt with snaps so it can be removed for washing.  The spiders are put on the web with snaps so my girl can move the spiders around the web as she pleases.

Here are the steps to create this festive Halloween-wear:

Black T-Shirt (I picked up one at Target for my girl)
White Yarn, worsted 4 (I used Red Heart Shimmer in Snow... it has a slight sparkle to it)
Crochet Hook size 5.00
Spider Buttons (I found them cuties at Joanns)

First, crochet your spider web. 

I adapted the free pattern on Ravelry by Crochet It Baby, located HERE.  The pattern is made in triple crochet stitches, and it is super simple to follow. I stopped at Round 9 to fit the t-shirt, and left off the long strands.  There are several free patterns for spider webs on Ravelry.  You could also use a doily as the web! 


Second, stitch snaps on the web.

Sew the snaps to the center of the web, on the end of every 2nd or 3rd outside point on the web, and a few on the middle of the web.  You need just enough snaps to hold the web to the shirt.  I used a total of 16 snaps.


Arrange the web on the t-shirt. 

Lay the web on the shirt as you wish.  I placed mine on the right side so that it would wrap around the back a bit.  Be careful to not to stretch the web tight on the t-shirt... remember that the shirt will stretch out a bit when it is on the body.  You can even pin the web on the shirt, and have your model try it on the see the placement.


Use a fabric pen or chalk to mark the location on the t-shirt where the other side of the snaps should meet up with the snap on the web.  Then stitch on the other side of the snaps to the t-shirt.

And the best part, add the spiders!!!

Stitch snaps on the web or on the shirt where your family of spiders will live.  Then glue, either hot glue or I used E6000, the other side of the snap to the back of the spider.


Now you have your Creepy-Crawly-Cute shirt for Halloween!

There are LOTS of ways to change up this embellishment... you can put the webs on other shirts in other colors, add to the legs of jeans, wear on a hat, or simply decorate your home.  ENJOY!!!

Stacey... From-a-Box