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Pumpkin Headband Tutorial from Lulu & Celeste

Hello all you awesome GYCT readers! My name is Ula and I blog over at Lulu & Celeste, I write about sewing and crafting with and for my two little girls. I like to share the small, fun and quick little crafts I make for my girls and make tutorials for those. There are more to come, so stop by. I'm also a contributor over at FleeceFun.com and sharing tutorials there as well, so stop by there as well and say hi!


As always I had a billion ideas of what I wanted to share with you today but as per usual there's not enough time in the day to everything that needs to get done. So, today I am showing you how to make a cute little felt pumpkin hair headband (or clippie)!

Supplies (to make one headband/clip):

Download the template for free here (or draw your own shape) (Also included is a ghost shape)
1/4 of a sheet orange felt (I prefer the wool blend felt but eco-fi felt is good as well)
scrap pieces of felt in green, white and black
1 shabby flower in yellow, the one pictured is 1.5"
length of FOE (fold over elastic), measure your child's head and subtract an inch
1 alligator clip (for the clip)
fabric glue
thread, scissors, etc

Step One:

Print and cut out the template. Pin the template to the felt and cut out two pumpkin shapes and two stem shapes. Cut out face pieces from black felt. Cut out two circles from white felt that are slightly smaller than the shabby flower, and one slightly smaller than the pumpkin (not pictured). With a washable marker lightly draw the inner lines on one pumpkin shape. 

Step Two:

Place the two stem pieces wrong sides together (WST) and sew around the sides and the top edge of the stem piece. 

Step Three:

For the clip only: Using the pumpkin piece that doesn't have the lines drawn on it, make two small slits about a half an inch apart. Center the slits on the pumpkin piece.

Step Four:

Sandwich the stem between the two pumpkin shapes. Stitch all around the outside edge and then stitch the inner lines.

Step Five:

For the clip only, if making the headband go to Step Six: Glue the face pieces to the front of the pumpkin. Slide the alligator clip through the slits in the back. And there you go! A quick little hairclip for your little girls!

Step Six:

Over lap the ends of the FOE by about half an inch and sew. Glue one felt circle to the back of the shabby flower, add some glue to the back of the felt circle and place over the sewn end of the elastic. Glue the other felt circle on the other side of the elastic sandwiching the elastic between the two circles. Repeat with the pumpkin shape (not pictured).

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Be sure to check out my blog to see some other things I made using the same pumpkin template. Thanks again for having me Chelsea!