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Halloween Printable from Sisters, What!

Hi everyone, this is Havalah and I blog with my sisters at Sisters, What! We like to blog about fun things from sewing, crafting to food and style. Come check us out. I'm so excited to be here today to share with you a fun Halloween Printable to add some extra seasoning to your holiday. 

I love Harry Potter and I love Shakespeare. My first Shakespeare just happen to be Macbeth and the chant of the witches in the beginning have always stuck with me. I thought it was pretty cool that John Williams added some of that chat to the music in the third Harry Potter movie (you know, during the sorting when the choir sings with the frogs?). If you're still not sure, I guess it's time for you to go and watch it again. 

This print is a fun way to enjoy the Halloween season and show off a great Shakespeare quote. You can download it HERE for free. And if you are a Poterite like me, then check out my other Harry Potter post and such:

Happy Halloween!
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