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Glass Jar Decor from The Berry Bunch

I'm Jessi and I blog over at The Berry Bunch. You can usually find me sharing about a craft, sewing project (mostly clothes), a reading activity, or even food, while I am taking care of my two littles.

I am so excited to be sharing with you a Halloween/Fall related craft with you today! My mantle needed some serious decorating. Like, something cute and festive! I am sharing with you a little something of a project I have been meaning to accomplish since my little boy was a baby. And, he is almost 4!

I saved a bunch of baby food jars from when little man was a baby. Granted some have been broken and a lot of them are used for storage of office supplies, sewing notions, and other what-not items, I still have quite a few left for my original intention... Etching the glass.

What I did was use an image. I have used my cricut to cut out a shape, but you can also print out an outline and cut it out with an x-acto knife. Which in this case is what I did. I only have so many cricut cartridges and Halloween themed is not one of them. But I tried to do something that could be out for a while. I have a tendency to leave decorations up for a while. :)

I glued the image down using a lot, and I mean A LOT of glue. Probably a little over kill, but it needed to stay put. Then I had hubby take it outside and sandblast the thing till it was good and etched.

You will most likely have an easier time with the chemical stuff you can buy at the store to etch the glass for you.  Sand hurts

I have some burlap strands from hubby's Halloween costume (a burlap rice sack turned mask!) and tied that around the top of the jar. It adds that Autumn-ish element.

The other jar is a skeleton key image printed out on vellum and wrapped around the jar. I love the way the light looks through the vellum. plus you can change it out for something else later!

They look so pretty all lit up! Little man was all about the fire, but on the mantle they are safer than the on the table. I may or may not have learned that the hard way (without candles thankfully)!

Thanks to GYCT Designs for the opportunity to share a Fall/Halloween project with you! This was so fun!