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Free Pumpkin Applique from Swoodson Says

Hi! I'm Stephanie and I blog at Swoodson Says about sewing and crafts for myself, my toddler son, and our second baby on the way (and rarely, my huband). I love upcycling, using scraps, and having the freedom to make what I can't find or afford in stores! I spend way too much time online - you can connect with me on twitter/pinterest/facebook/instagram. I am working on releasing some fun PDF patterns for toddler toys, softies, and funky decor; be the first to know by subscribing to my newsletter! I enjoy making my son holiday clothes but this year he seems too old for a 'cutesy' pumpkin or leaf motif. I drew out this modern, simple pumpkin silhouette and used it as a knee patch but it would also look great as an elbow patch or a t-shirt applique. Want to make your own? Here's how! Supplies
Steps (Please note that my example is done with a different fabric; since I last made this pattern my son apparently shot up an inch in height so I had to remake them in a bigger size!) 1. Print out the template and trace it with the smooth side up. 2. Roughly cut around it and iron on to the back/wrong side of the fabric. 3. Carefully trim around the sketch and then peel the paper backing off. 4. Place the pumpkin sticky side down and iron on. Machine or hand stitch around the edges for extra security! Pumpkin time!! Perfect for hitting up the orchard or pumpkin patch.