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Zippy Critters from Stubbornly Crafty

Zippy Critters from Stubbornly Crafty Sewn by GYCT

Okay, a few months ago I was asked to test this ADORABLE pattern by Stubbornly Crafty, the Zippy Critters.  You can check out that post HERE.  They really are adorable.  Anyway, I was trying to figure out a gift for my primary students at church.  Then it came to me!  The Zippy Critters!!!  Not only will they get a unique gift, but it will help them learn to be organized and "get their crap together".  Which we all know is the point of my existence (sort of).

I mostly have girls but I do have a couple of boys.  But I have to say they LOVED them!!  They asked if they would get another one later in the year.  HA!!  No, one is enough!

It was really great because I could use fabric I had on hand and scraps for all of them!  And it was fun to make all the different combinations.

Zippy Critters from Stubbornly Crafty Sewn by GYCT

My other favorite part was watching them choose.  It was fun to see who wanted which one.  It was kind of funny.  They really thought about it.  Overall, I would call it a great success!!  Because this was a success I thought I'd try them for our Family Reunion Auction.  Again, everyone loved them and they sold well.  I am now thinking what a great gift for teachers or to give to classmates at school.  Holds all their pencils and treasures.

So if you need a fun gift idea, make sure to go grab the pattern.

Zippy Critters from Stubbornly Crafty Sewn by GYCT

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