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Why I Sew

I love our online sewing community.  It is so wonderful to have a place to share what you love.  However, recently in many online groups I have seen people saying degrading and negative things to or about others work.  It makes me sad to see others speaking so negatively about another person and the hard work they put into their projects.  That is why I am honored to join with some other awesome bloggers to share with you today "Why I Sew"
Why I Sew by GYCT Designs #whyisew

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Why I Sew by GYCT Designs #whyisew
My first official sewing project
I started sewing when I was in high school.  My mother never sewed, but I wanted to make a t-shirt quilt for a church project.  I talked to one of my youth leaders and she agreed to help me and one of my friends create our quilts.  To start sewing using knits was insane and my quilt was not perfect.  My corners weren't really mitered, my knits were a bit stretched and I hated doing all the tying.  But I still love my quilt very much.  This was my "gateway" into sewing.  It is what got me interested and what kept me wanting to learn more.

Why I Sew by GYCT Designs #whyisew
See my "mitered" corners
When I went to college, I wanted to be a teacher.    I started with elementary.  However, as most of us do, I changed my major the moment I stumbled upon Family and Consumer Science Education.  It was the perfect fit for me.  I could sew, cook, organize, and manage life.  These were all the things I enjoyed and all the skills I wanted to develop more.

Why I Sew by GYCT Designs #whyisew
College project, notice the awesome topstitching  ;)
As luck would have it, not only did I have TONS of sewing and fashion classes, but was able to take some pattern design classes as well.  On top of that, I had 2 roommates that were fashion majors and that was exciting and fun to talk and learn from them.  This is where sewing really became my hobby and my passion.

Why I Sew by GYCT Designs #whyisew
An invisible zipper-ish, wore this to a dance in college
After graduating, I took my first teaching position in a high school.  I loved it.  I was able to grow the program and even have several sewing and fashion design courses for my students.  I saw all types of work.  Some students took there time and worked hard and made beautiful projects, some not so much.  However, as their teacher, my job was to teach.  Yes, they got a grade, but more then that I wanted them to look back and remember the class and how much fun they had.  I wanted it to be their gateway to loving fashion and sewing.  I know for some that it was.  I never told them their work was "crap".  That wouldn't help them learn, that would make them not want to finish.  My job was to be their cheerleader.  Keep them working and for them to be proud of their finished creation.
Why I Sew by GYCT Designs #whyisew
First outfit for my son, loved the hat, but now it makes me go blah

Through all of my work, I continued to sew for myself and my family.  As our family grew, so did my need to sew and make new things for the home, for my kids wardrobe, as gifts for others.  I started this blog in 2010 shortly after my son was born.  It was a place where I had to be accountable to myself and others for what I was doing.  It was a great way to express myself and be creative.  I look back on some of my first posts and just cringe.  (See some cringe worthy posts HERE, HERE or HERE)  I had no idea what I was doing.  My photos are terrible, my late night sewing not so great, but after 4 years, I feel much more experienced and have grown so much creatively and personally because of my blog and the friends I have met along the way.

Why I Sew by GYCT Designs #whyisew
Compared this to the previous!!  I whipped up a few weeks ago by Oliver + S, so much better

Nothing I make is perfect.  I discussed this with a good friend of mine once and she told me "It wouldn't be homemade if it was perfect.  The imperfections is what makes it special and one of a kind."  And she is right.  Those small imperfections are what make each item I make for my kids, myself, my home special.  I don't have to be perfect!!  I just have to make each item with love and give it to someone who will love it in return.  

That is why I sew.  

I sew because that is my love language.  

That is how I express my love for others.  Each stitch, perfect or imperfect, shows that I took my time, my money, my talent, to show someone I care about them.  I hope that those I sew for see that.  And I hope that my readers see that I love them too!!  Every day I share ideas, tutorials, patterns, recipes.  It isn't just because I enjoy it but because I love my readers and they keep coming back because they love what my blog can give them.  

Love is Why I Sew!!
Why I Sew by GYCT Designs #whyisew

Why do you sew?  
Join us and share you thoughts and make sure to link up below


  1. What a great post and link party! I'll give this some thought and probably be back! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I'm loving reading all about everyone's sewing journeys! I'm so glad you've kept with sewing and blogging :)

  3. Love the post! Love the quilt. Hurrah for bringing some positivity (is that even a word?) back into the realm of sewing!

    I have some cringe worthy posts too back when I first started, and still have cringe worthy posts, LOL! But loved the projects anyway! :)

  4. I'm back and I brought a link with me! ;-) Thanks for a great conversation! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. I loved reading it so much... and you're so right, the important thing is we sew with love!

  6. I love to sew as well, I started sewing at age 10, I sewed all my clothes in grade school, Middle school and High school. I made my wedding dress, coats, mens western shirts. I sewed for people to get my husband through college. Now I sew for my grandchildren and alter prom dresses for the girls in the high school I work in. Sewing is my therapy

  7. I started sewing in Jr. High School. I had a grandmother and two Aunts who also did sewing. But weren't interested in teaching me. So I learned in Home Economics class. I took a 30 year hiatus as life and work got in the way. About 3 years ago I started sewing again. I love sewing - I find it very relaxing, but also keeps my mind challenged. I do wish there was a sewing community where I live - as I would love to interact with other sewers - and trade ideas and learn from each other. Alas I have to be happy with on-line communities and sewing bloggers. Not quite the same as a personal gathering. Thanks for sharing...


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