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Baby Photos & FREE Monthly Baby Stickers

Baby Photos & FREE Monthly Baby Stickers
I LOVE photos!  It has been a bit of an obsession since I was a kid.  I use to make collages all over my room of pictures of my friends and family on my walls.  I would go through a lot of film in those days.  (Thanks goodness for digital photos!!)

So naturally, when I had my children you can image my computer filled up with ridiculous amounts of pictures of my children.  So how do I organize them?

Picasa!  I wish I got paid to say that.  But it has been the best invention ever!  I can upload, download, edit and print straight from my picasa account.

Baby Photos & FREE Monthly Baby Stickers

 I have folders for everything we do.  I make sure the dates are correct.  I try to stay up on everything or it gets so messy.  As soon as I download, I make sure to place the pictures in their folders.

As is the trend these days, I decided for my baby girl I wanted to take a picture on her "monthly birthday".  I found some cute monthly stickers and once a month attempted to get her to sit still.  I was fairly successful with just a few "mishaps".

Once I got the pictures taken, I made a collage with a picture from each month.  That is the picture at the top.  It is super easy and a great gift for grandparents or just to hang in the nursery.

I used Picasa to make her collage but I am sure you could use a million of other programs.  So let me show you how.

Baby Photos & FREE Monthly Baby Stickers

First, select your pictures then push the collage button.

Baby Photos & FREE Monthly Baby Stickers
I made my collage using the Grid button, but you can do all sorts of things.  It is fun to see how my baby girl change over the course of a year. For her 1st Birthday, I displayed the collage so everyone could see the changes she made through the year.

My sister-in-law thought it was a fun idea, so for a gift for some of my sister-in-laws, I created these Baby Onesie Stickers.  Thought I'd share them with you!

All you need is some type of sticky back printable paper.  I purchased large label paper.  Then I printed.  After cutting out each of the months, I scored the back of the sticker with a knife to make it easier to pull the paper off.

So download and print yours today and get taking those pictures!

FREE Monthly Baby Stickers
FREE Monthly Baby Stickers

FREE Monthly Baby Stickers
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