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Harry Potter Spell Books by Sisters, Sisters

This is Havalah from the blog Sisters What (aka Sisters, Sisters) to share one of my favorite Halloween decorations. I love Harry Potter and October is a great time of year (and a great excuse) to to show it. Today I'm going to show you how to make a faux Harry Potter spell book or Halloween book. 

A couple of years ago I came across some free hard cover books from the library that were very unique looking but needed an makeover. It was October so I had the idea of making some Harry Potter Spell Books. [You can see more pictures of them HERE and HERE]

As I was unpacking, I came across another free book and I decided that an astronomy book was needed to our collection. 

Harry Potter Spell Books (or Halloween ) Tutorial
Go HERE to download the astronomy printable
//1// Acquire a oldish hard cover book that you don't care about. I actually have never heard of A Good Woman, but I might just read it to see if it's any good. *my book is 5x7, if your book is bigger than the astronomy image will just fit differently on your book. 
//2// Download astronomy printable HERE or go HERE to check out any other ones. After you print off the astronomy image, crop it to fit your book. After it fits, use modge podge to adhere it to the book. Put modge podge on the book then on top of the image to seal it. 
//3// Now we're going to antique the book. Get some brownish paint and really water it down. Then lightly paint over back and front cover. Make the paint thicker around the corners and the edges. 
//4/// you can be done or you can get a metallic pen or marker and draw dots where the stars are to add some glimmer. And now your done. 
Isn't it a beauty. It's not copied from the original movie, but I figured it looked a little Harry Potterish?