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Make Your Own Monsters Kid Craft

My kids really love watching Monsters University and Monsters Inc.  So much so that I am to the point of quoting way too much of the movie in daily life.  {You never do that right?}  There love has moved into everyday life.  Which means we talk about monsters, we draw monsters, we name everything a monster name.  You get the picture.  Naturally, crafting is about monsters too.  Why not teach them how to make their own monsters??


That's right, I am the mom that teaches her kids to make their own monsters.  That way they can go entertain themselves with all their monster love and I don't have to watch the movie....again.

Brilliant right?!

Okay, let's get making.
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Materials Needed:
Pipe Cleaners
Pom Poms or cotton balls
Googly Eyes - I like the self adhesive ones, but you can get the kind you need to glue too

I use tongue depressors to help apply the glue, it is a good motor skill. {This is seriously the box that I purchase of sticks.  It's huge but lasts for a long time.} Then we arrange our monsters on a paper plate to keep from a huge mess on the table.  And we just assemble away.  

My son has really gotten into his monsters.  They have lots of eyes and several crazy limbs.


The other great part about this craft is how fast and easy it is.  You can create a ton of monsters quickly and then have some fun playing with them for the next few days.  Just make sure they dry all the way or else their limbs might fall off.  {Not that I experienced that at all.}


Now go make yourself some monsters, name them and you can growl or howl like a monster all day long.

How about you?  What kinds of crafts do you do with your kids?