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How to Make a Headband Tower

Anyone else have a crazy amount of headbands at their house?  It is so hard to know how to store them.  They all end up in a drawer and make a mess.  Today I thought I'd share a creative way I've come up with on how to store headbands using a Headband Tower.
How to Make a Headband Tower

 I thought a nice "tower" would make them easier to keep track of.  That way they can be seen but also have a home.  I think they'll get worn more this way too.

Materials Needed
Empty Formula or Oatmeal Can
Knit fabric
Sewing Machine

Step 1
First you need a "tower".  I used an empty formula can, but oatmeal containers are great too.  You'll also need some sort of knit fabric with some good stretch.
How to Make a Headband Tower 

Step 2
Measure your cans height and circumference. Cut your knit fabric in a rectangle that is the height of the can + 1/2" and the circumference of the can + 1/2".  

Fold fabric in half and stitch down the long side.
How to Make a Headband Tower 

Step 3
Draw a circle around the lid onto the fabric.  Cut a circle from the lid.
How to Make a Headband Tower 

Step 4
Pin the circle to the top edge of the rectangle.  Stitch the circle to one of the openings on your rectangle.
How to Make a Headband Tower 

Step 5
Turn your fabric right side out and place it over your tower.  
How to Make a Headband Tower 

Voila!  A cute and functional headband tower!

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  1. This is a great idea!! I think i will make some and give them to my friends and maybe even show them how to do it! Thanks!
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