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Emergency Car Kit

Thought it was about time to put together an "Emergency Car Kit".  I'm always in need of something.  Now having two little ones I realize my brain is gone and I don't want to be stranded without the essentials.

Items in my Kit:
1.  Small 1st Aid Kit
3.  Hand Sanitizer
4. Tums
5.  Chapstick
6. Small Sunscreens
7.  Moist towelletts
8.  Diapers
9.  Wipes
10.  Formula
11. Kleenex
12.  Benadryl
13.  Tide to Go
14.  Tylenol
15.  Neo to Go
16.  Spare key
17.  Batteries
18.  Pads/Tampons

Then stick everything in your fabulous pack and put it in your car!
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  1. Do you store it in a lunch bag? What is the "pack"?

  2. Great question! I bought a small "Makeup" kit that would fit under my car seats. It works really well.

  3. I so need one of these emergency kits! The spare keys are genius!!

  4. Tie to go... That's what I'm missing in mine! Great lay!

    1. List... Really, auto correct? I should really stop commenting with my phone...

  5. Kotex/pads can be used for pads to apply pressure if you have accident that is bleeding more than a bandaid.....or if you happen to run upon a car accident would not hurt to have several on hand. GrannyC


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