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31 Days of Halloween: PB Bat Tote Knockoff Tutorial

So I love the Bat Halloween Tote from Pottery Barn (check it out here)! It is super cute! But I don't want to pay $15 for it. Heck I don't want to pay $5 for one at Walmart. So using leftover fabrics from our Halloween costumes, I made this one for like $1!

What You'll Need:
1/2 yard of black fabric
1/4 yard of red
thread to match
fabric paint for face (you could use felt also)

First cut all your pieces. I have patterns at the end of the tutorial for you!

Baste the top edge of your batting to one side of each of your tote pieces.

Next, sew your wings together. I use red on the front and black on the back.

Then sew 5 tote pieces together with batting and 5 tote pieces without batting together at the side seams.

They look something like this! Make sure to iron the seams so they don't pucker.

Then place your front tote pieces (right sides together) onto your back tote pieces and sew across.

It will look something like this. I FORGOT to sew the handle on during this step, so make sure to do that so you don't have to add it later! Notice, no handle!

Now, place your other wing in between piece #1 & #5 and pin along the open edge. Notice, that the "batting" side is pinned to the other batting side.

Once that is done, it will look a bit like this.

Now, take your bottom piece with your batting and your tote outside piece. Pin the bottom to the outside and sew it.

Okay, so the "white" has the bottom sewn to it, notice the top has its bottom pinned to it. Make sure to leave an opening and you'll turn the entire tote right side out when you are done. (I hope that makes some sense!)

See, here is my opening! I pulled it right side out, now I'll just sew this on my machine. It is the lining of the bat so no one will see.

Now top stitch around the top edge so your lining won't come out.

Now put a face on it!

And Voila! You have your own PB Knockoff Bat tote!!!

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