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DIY Kids Chair Tutorial

My little dude needs a chair! You know, us grown ups don't share our chairs very well.  Plus, he is always stealing our chairs or unhappy in the spot he picked.  I knew I needed to fix this.  I got online and saw these ADORABLE Pottery Barn chairs. SO CUTE!!!  But for the not going to happen.  Instead,  I said to can so make one of those.  That is how the DIY Anywhere Chair was born.
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Chair patterns aren't easy to come by so I made my own pattern and now I am excited to share it with you.  No, I don't expect the entire world to be super excited to make their own chair, but for me, it was really fun, challenging and turned out really cute.
diy anywhere chair
UPDATE:  We have had this chair for 8 years now and it is still in great shape.  Just in case you are wondering.

Today, I want to share with you a step by step tutorial on how to make your own DIY Anywhere Chair.

diy anywhere chair

P.S.  Isn't my little man just adorable?  I can't believe how little he is in this picture.

DIY Anywhere Chair

Supplies Needed:
Foam 3”x 24”x 72”
Muslin  ½ yard
Batting  2 bags
2 ½ yards of fabric
2  22” zippers
Matching Thread
Glue (if you want)

You might want to start by measuring out all of your pieces.  I’ll list the dimensions I used below.  I left room for a 5/8” seam allowance.

Fabric Cutting Chart
Back  21” x 19”—cut 1
Top (Around)  44” x 5”—cut 1
Top Front  22” x 14” —cut 1
Seat 13 ½” x 15 ½ "—cut 1
Seat Sides 22 ½” x 8” —cut 2
Arm Rest  14” x 14 1/2” —cut 2
Arm Rest Front  14” x 8” —cut 2
Seat Front 13” x 8” —cut 1
Bottom 20” x 20” —cut 1

Muslin Cutting Chart 
28” x 21”—cut 2

Foam Cutting Chart
Base  20” x 20” x 6”
Back  20” x 14” x 6”

I needed several layers of foam to make my 6” for my seat.  Just stack your layers however works best for you.  You might consider gluing them as well.

Step 1
Cut out all your fabric pieces and your foam.  I used a marker to mark my foam and an exacto knife to cut it.

Step 2
Cut out 2 of your 28” x 21” muslin pieces.  These will be your arm rests.  Fold them in half with your 21” sides together.  Sew down the front leaving an opening in the middle.

Step 3
Sew the ends of your arm rests closed.  Turn right side out through your opening.  Stuff very full with batting.  Stitch opening closed using slipstitch.

It should look something like this once your foam is all cut and your arm rests are done.

Step 4
Take the back piece and the top round piece.  Find the middle of each piece and pin them with right sides together.  Stitch the raw edges together.

Step 5
Take seat sides and pin them to the back just below your top round.  Make sure you pin up the side and then pin the seat side to the bottom edge of your top round piece.
Do this to both sides of your seat and then sew them right sides together. Set this piece aside for now.  

Step 6
Pick up your seat piece and your arm rest pieces.  Pin them together on the sides and sew.

Step 7
To make your arm rest front, you need to pin the rounded edges of the arm rest front to the arm rest.  Notice the arrows on that hopefully will help you to understand a little better.  Sew.

 Step 8
You’ll need to create a pattern from your arm rests.  It should look a bit like the one above.  Make sure it is long enough and cut it out.

Step 9
Take the seat front.  Pin it to the arm rest fronts and the seat.  Sew together.

Step 10
Pick up your Top Front piece.  Lay your top front piece flat on a table with the right side facing up.  Take your sewn up “seat” piece flip it upside down so that the wrong side is facing out and the back part of the seat is on the bottom of the Top Front.
Step 11
Pin the bottom edge of the Top Front to the back edge of the seat back in the middle.

Now a tricky part.  Take your pattern for the arm rest front and trace it onto your Top Front.  Do this on both sides.  (This is where you will sew your arm rest to the back of the chair.)

Pin your arm rest piece around where you traced the pattern. 

Now sew from the middle out around your arm rest pieces.

Step 12
You’ve survived so far making your DIY Anywhere Chair!!!  Now match your Top Front and your back pieces with right sides together.

Pin the Top Front and the Back pieces all the way around.  Make sure the pin the Seat Sides and the Arm Rest together correctly.  Sew from the top middle out.

Step 13
Before you sew the bottom on, slip your cover onto your foam and make sure everything seems to fit alright.

Now sew your Bottom piece on.  Sew the front and one side down.  (right sides together)

diy anywhere chair
Step 14
Now insert your zipper for the other side and the back.  Make sure the top of the zippers are facing one another.

Slip your cover on and you are done!!

diy anywhere chair

There you have it.  I didn't say it would be easy, only that it would be worth it.  We really love our DIY Anywhere Chair and I hope you will enjoy yours as well.