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DIY Duck and Bunny Easter Basket

One of the many traditions we've started over the past few years is a traditional family Easter egg hunt.  I'm sure most families do this but it wasn't something we did growing up.  

When my oldest was born I made him this adorable duck Easter basket.  When my daughter was born, she got an Easter Bunny basket.  

Now with my 3rd child, we went back to a duck Easter basket.

Download the free Easter basket pattern for both duck and bunny lovers.  Sew it up for your little one this Easter.

That's why I wanted to share our duck and bunny Easter basket pattern with you!!

When I originally decided to make a basket I could just hear my husband say

"Boys don't carry bunnies, they carry Ducks."

Which is a reality in our family since we have chickens.  My youngest carries them around like they are his best friend.  So I wasn't worried about going with a duck basket instead of the bunny for my baby boy.

diy easter basket

That is how the Duck Easter bucket came into existence!

I'm excited to share how to make your own Easter basket.  Not only can you print out a PDF sewing pattern but I've also put together an SVG cut file to use to cut out on your Cricut Maker.  You don't have to use a cutting machine to make this project.  Check below to print the pattern or get the free SVG files to make your own.

Download the free Easter basket pattern for both duck and bunny lovers.  Sew it up for your little one this Easter.

Easter Basket Pattern

Materials Needed

You can either watch the video tutorials:

Duck basket Tutorial

Step 1

Download the PDF pattern and cut out the pieces you need.  Press interfacing to pieces.

diy easter pails


Upload the SVG files to your Cricut Design Studio.  You'll want to make sure the sizes are correct.

Main bucket should be 11 x 21" 

Circle bottom 7 x 7"

Bucket handle 4 x 23"

Duck body pieces should be 12" wide when expanded

Bunny ears together should be 9" wide when expanded

You'll need to cut out the main bucket and bottom out of main fabric, lining fabric and interfacing.  Cut just one handle.  Send pieces to cutting machine and cut out.  Press interfacing to pieces.

diy easter pails    diy easter pails

Step 2

For the duck, sew your pieces together and then topstitch them.  Pin them to your top layer starting in the center with the beak.  Stitch them in place.

making easter baskets

making easter baskets

For the bunny, with right sides together, stitch one main fabric and one lining ear together.  Leave the bottom straight edge open.  Press.  Clip the top point.  Turn right side out and press again.
how to make easter baskets how to make easter baskets

Then fold over each of the sides toward the center lining.  Stitch across.  Repeat with opposite ear.

making easter baskets

Step 3
Fold the handle piece with right sides together, along the long edge.  Stitch down the long edge.  Use a safety pin to turn it right side out.  Press and set aside.
how to make easter baskets

Step 4
Fold the main bucket piece in half matching the short sides.  Stitch down the short side.  Repeat with lining piece.
Easter basket pattern

Step 5
Open the main bucket and pin the round bottom piece to the main bucket.  Stitch in a circle.  For the duck, make sure to insert the tail before closing your main bucket.  Repeat with lining pieces.

Easter basket pattern 

Step 6
Place bunny ears on the front of the bucket and pin.  Place the handle on either side of the top raw edge and pin.

Easter basket pattern  Easter basket pattern

Step 7
Place the main bucket into the lining bucket with right sides together.  Pin around the top.  Stitch.  Make sure to leave a 2-3" opening so you can turn your bucket right side out.

Easter basket pattern  Easter basket pattern

Step 8
Turn your bucket right side out.  Tuck the lining into the main bucket and press.

diy easter basket ideas   diy easter basket ideas

Step 9
Add eyes, a mouth and whiskers to your bunny and eyes to your duck.  You can use buttons, yarn or even HTV vinyl like on this bunny.

I got my bunny face for free here.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure these duck and bunny Easter buckets are a hit.  They are a pretty quick sew too.  It is so easy to make your own Easter basket that you can make a new one each year if you want.

diy easter basket ideas

Want the Easter Basket Sewing pattern?  Simply click the links below to download.


Download the free Easter basket pattern for both duck and bunny lovers.  Sew it up for your little one this Easter.