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Beginner Friendly Knit Fabric Projects

I apologize if you don't agree, but I love sewing with knit fabrics.  However, I know that they scare the pants of a lot of people.  In fact, people will avoid knit projects for years because they don't have a serger or they've never sewn on "stretchy fabric".  Don't be afraid!  Here are a few great beginner knit projects to try.

10+ beginner friendly knit sewing projects

If you've never sewn with knits, make sure you check out our Choosing Knit Fabrics post and some of our Tips and Tricks for Sewing with Knits.  These posts will help you get started.  Then pick one of these fun projects below and get sewing.  

Baby Blanket from Coral + Co.

Infinity Scarf from Hazelnut Handmade

Headband Tower from GYCT

Circle Skirt from Sweet Red Poppy

Knot Bow Headband  from Mary Martha Momma

Infinity Scarf from Cucicucicoo

Maxi Skirt Tutorial from GYCT Designs

Easy Poncho from Mary Martha Momma

Wide Headband Tutorial from Radiant Home Studio

Baby Hat Pattern from Coral + Co.

Kids Leggings from Life Sew Savory

Doll Clothes from GYCT

Not Sure you're ready to sew with Knit Fabrics?  Try out our free course and learn to sew with knits.

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