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Blog Planner Printables 2018 - FREE


Happy 2018!!

Can you believe it is the start of another year?  I swear 2017 just flew by.  However, 2018 is going to be amazing.  

To start the new year, I thought we could all work on getting organized....together.  Since everything is better together.  Today I'm sharing some amazing FREE 2018 Blog Planner Printables

Blog Planner Printables 2018 - FREE

I mean, who doesn't love FREE?

I found years ago, if I don't have some way to plan and track what I'm doing on the blog and for my pattern shop, I am not productive.  One year I purchased a planner from the dollar store and that worked out nicely.  But I really wanted to keep track of some of my goals for the year and a place to keep track of thoughts and ideas.

Blog Planner Printables 2018 - FREE

These printables include a yearly calendar and 2 monthly calendar options.  The months can be filled in with dates and projects.

There are 2 goal pages:  Yearly Goals and Monthly Goals.  I've already filled out my January goals and look forward to keeping track.
Blog Planner Printables 2018 - FREE

My favorite page is the Brain Dump.  This is a great page to keep a running project list or "dump" ideas you have for upcoming projects.  You could have one page or a page for each month.  Totally up to you.

Lastly, we have the Weekly Planner and the Shopping List.  
Blog Planner Printables 2018 - FREE
Just print out the pages you want or need.  You can put them in a binder or folder or even take them to your local print shop and have them print and bind them for you for the entire year.  

To download your copy of the 2018 Blog Planner, click the download link below.

Happy Planning!!

Download the printables from our Free Resource Library.

Still looking for some great ways to organize your home and self?  Power of Moms has a great free Master the Whirlwind ebook.  It's free and has loads of great tips and tools to help master your space and family.

Blog Planner Printables 2018 -FREE

Like this post?  Make sure you tune in the entire month.  

I'll be sharing tons of blog, crafting, sewing and home organizing tips, tricks, tutorials and FREE stuff.

It's the return of our Sew Organized Home Series.