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Top Ten of 2014

We have had a fabulous year here at GYCT Designs.  We've had so many wonderful opportunities to make new friends, start designing patterns and sharing all our fun projects here on the blog.  Today we wanted to share with you our Top Ten posts from 2014.  It is a fun recap of the year!  Hope you enjoy.

Baby Photos & FREE Monthly Baby Stickers

15 Free Baby Tutorials

Free Kids Apron Pattern & Tutorial by GYCT

DIY Construction Paper Holder by GYCT

DIY Keepsake Mitten Ornaments Tutorial at GYCT

DIY Fabric Storage Totes by GYCT

DIY Baby Food Round-Up

Free Fox Coin Pouch Pattern by GYCT

Reusable Grocery Bag PDF Pattern for GYCT Designs

Microwave Potato Sack Tutorial by GYCT

Just a couple other favorites from the year

  Traveling Backsak Tutorial and Free Pattern from GYCT
ABC Photo Books Tutorial by GYCT 

FREE Penny Pocket Pillow Pattern at GYCT

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  1. It has been a great year! Here's to a wonderful new year!

    1. So glad to have found you and your awesome patterns. Can't wait for the new year and great fun sewing what you come up with!!!!

  2. What a great year. Here's to 2015 and lots more creativity:)

  3. This is such a great list!! I hadn't seen the book pillow, I love that.

  4. It was a great year! Happy 2015 and a lot of good things.


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