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Healthy Summer Snack Ideas from Create 3.5

Today we have Meriel from Create 3.5 sharing some awesome, quick and healthy summer snack ideas.  Great way to get organized and to save money.  Make sure to check out her blog at Create 3.5.

Summer, and the kids are home all day long. Having all day to play builds up an appetite, right? Having healthy snacks readily available can solve that problem, as well as keeping your sanity – no one wants to be in the kitchen all day, although some days can feel like that with an active family! I know even with my two little girls, it feels like they're eating all day long! Here are a few of the things I do to keep it all streamlined, and this works in big or small quantities!

I start with reusable plastic containers (if you don't like plastic, there are glass options available too!) I like to have a lot of the same size and shape, so they're stackable in the refrigerator. These ones I found at Target, on clearance – make sure you check, because they can add up in a hurry if you have a large family!

When you get home from a big grocery trip with all your fruits and veggies, the best thing to do is prep everything right away for easy storage. There are tips all over the internet for how to keep your produce fresh for the maximum length of time, but I find that if I prep everything and keep it in clear containers, I never have a problem getting rid of the food before it goes bad!

This week I had carrots (my toddler's new favorite food) and grapes, a family favorite. I always have cheese on hand, we go through a lot of that! I chopped up some carrots into toddler friendly sticks, washed up the grapes and removed most of them from the stems, and cut uniform slices of cheese for sandwiches or easy snacking. The containers fit 3-4 high in my refrigerator, and there is plenty of room for more when we do the next shopping trip!

Dry snacks are just as easy. My husband packs his lunch for work every day, and the girls like to have little baggies of snacks for our trips to the park or splash pad. We have a never ending supply of small zipper bags (though I should probably think about sewing some reusable ones!) Don't think the plastic variety isn't reusable, though! For dry snacks like puffs for babies or pretzels for toddlers, you can use the bag again and again; for fruits and veggies, it's easy enough to rinse and reuse!

I found a great little wooden box with a lid at Target (I so love their clearance, but who doesn't?!) for just a few dollars. The box itself works wonderfully for holding all those dry snacks in one place in the cupboard, for easy grab-and-go. (I use the lid for a slide out spice rack! It fits in the shelf perfectly.)

One last tip – keeping a designated shelf in the refrigerator and cupboard for snacks is especially helpful for kids, and all of this works great for the school year too! Packing lunches couldn't be simpler when everything is prepared and settled in one place.

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  1. I love having a designated snack shelf in our pantry. Sometimes my son goes into it and pulls out enough for everyone to have a snack. :)

    It's amazing what prepping everything does to smooth the snacking out in the day!


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