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Organize Kids Craft Supplies with Our Sizzlin' Summer Guest Giggles and Beans

I'm Shelly and I blog over at Giggles and Beans and today I am going to share with you an easy way to organize your kids craft supplies and look cute at the same time! My favorite kind of container is free so I like to use whatever is around. I found coffee cans covered with scrapbook paper a quick and easy solution and I love the bright patterns. Coffee Can Collage Giggles & Beans
For basic art supplies such as markers, pencils, glue and scissors I find it important to keep them all separated to I only get out what we are using right at the moment and don't find gobs of glitter glue that some escaped on the walls an hour later. I even keep the kids "sewing supplies" in a container to pull out quickly when they want to sew like mom.

I like to use clear plastic containers so I can easily find what I am looking for. For small items such as washi tape and stamps I like to use cereal boxes covered in craft paper for a cute look. I also keep holiday items grouped together so they are easy to find when the time comes.Painting Craft Organizing
I created a paint kit, to make it easy to get out and clean up. I kept the lids from the coffee containers for paint trays. For water cups I use the dye cups that come with Easter egg coloring kits. I make sure to keep the paints sealed tight so they don't spill. How-to-Organize-Kid-Craft-Supplies
Add some colorful labels and let the crafting begin!


  1. what a fun idea!!! I love it. Now, to drink some more coffee to empty some cans! ;)


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