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Guest Post: Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Hi! My name is Rachel, I blog over at Once Upon a Sewing Machine with my mom Donna. We primarily sew for my two little ones, but today I'm sharing a little top I put together for my two new nieces! I was lucky enough to welcome in a niece on both sides of my family this Fall. I'm in the Midwest so layering is great for a big chunk of the year. I made up a little tunic top for the girls, something fun to slide over a long sleeve onsie. Then when the inevitable happens and some one barfs or spills you can pull off and replace!
tunic title

  tunic hem  
tunic button

These go together really quick! I did some tweaks to the pattern shape after the first run through, don't let that throw you the pieces are all the same. free pattern baby shirt

You'll need: 1/2 yard of fabric (I used a woven, but you could probably get away with a knit) 1 button 3" of 1/8" elastic or elastic thread Your 3-6 month pattern, Download it HERE Use a 3/8" allowance through out.


I like an elastic loop for dressing babies- easier to dress a moving baby!
tunic 3

Sew both your shoulders (RST)

tunic 4

Repeat with your facings. I would recommend finishing the bottom of your facing pieces. You can serge them, use pinking shears or put a tiny hem in.
tunic 5

Baste your elastic loop to the back of your garment. Drop it down about an inch from the top, adjust your loop size based on the size of your button.
tunic 6b 

 Lay your facings RST with your garment. You are going to sew the around the armholes and up the back around the neck and back down. tunic 7

Clip your corners and your curves and turn! Then press, press, press. tunic 8

Match your back seam right sides together. Sew from the bottom all the way up to meet your previous sewing line. You may have to lift your facings to make sure you don't catch them.
tunic 9

Pin your side seams. Make sure to match your facings right sides together also underneath the arm. You will sew the entire side seam continuously and then fold your facing back down. Repeat for the other side seam.
tunic 10

Top stitch the neck line and armholes. Sew on a button. And finish your hem using your desired method. If you are going to turn under I would do a 1/4", press, roll another 1/4", hem. Thanks for having me Chelsea!


Thank you Rachel!  What a great post!  I love the ladies at Once Upon a Sewing Machine!

I hope each of you are following along with our Getting Ready for Baby Series!  Get more HERE!


  1. Thanks for having us Chelsea!

  2. Very cute! I like the idea of layering a little top like this over a long sleeve onesie during the winter. Much easier (and warmer!) to only have to change the top layer.


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