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Baby Checklist for Getting Ready for Baby Series

Free Printable Baby Checklist 
Today I am excited to share a super simple baby checklist.  This is great for getting your nursery ready for baby!!  I know every time I have a baby I go through a period of time where I am just not sure what the heck I need.  When you don't have a baby you seem to forget all that goes into having a baby!  And on top of all that, you have major prego brain, which basically means even if you knew what you needed you couldn't remember it past like 2 minutes.  I swear I lose my mind when I am pregnant. 

Free Printable Baby Checklist
To help curb your prego brain, I made a fun checklist for you to print out.  It will not only keep you organized, but help you not forget some of those crucial things like diapers and wipes!  Because let's face it, you will forget something.  (You always do and then hopefully you have a great mother who will stop by with exactly what you need even before you knew you needed it.)  

Free Printable Baby Checklist

Just click on the picture to download your copy!  I even left some blanks in each area so you could fill in some of your own needs or wants.  Now if you are a super new mom or mom to be, you might not know how many onesies, pants, pajamas, etc. you would need.  So here is a little guide to start you off with!

Most babies won't be in newborn clothes for more then a couple of weeks.  Now this isn't true for all babies, but it is fairly typical.  So don't over do it on the newborn clothes, even though they are SO CUTE and super small!  Remember some babies never even wear their newborn clothes if they are big babies.

For Newborn Babies:
5-6 Onesies/Outfits (this could be dresses, or jumpers, etc)
3-4 Pants
5-7 Pajamas (let's face it, they are sleeping most of the time)
1-2 hats 
4-5 pairs of socks
1 jacket

Remember babies tend to get a little "messy" and you will probably do laundry more then you ever have in your entire life.  So do yourself a favor, buy just a few "extra" then you think.  You'll thank yourself later.  But don't over spend, remember this small person will get HUGE very fast.  Once you get your baby home from the hospital you can start thinking a little more about what to buy as they get a bit older.  

So good luck prego brain!  Go forth and conquer that nursery!