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Clothing Tote Bag Tutorial

Another project I did over spring break was organizing the little man's baby clothes. I decided to make some fabric bags for them.
Start with a piece of fabric that is 42" x 35". Or whatever size you have.
Iron interfacing onto both sides. And sew down 3 of the sides.
Make sure to leave about a 1 1/2 inch opening on one side.
Take the bottom edge and pull the seam apart. Measure down about 4 inches and sew across.
You'll do this on both sides. This will be the bottom so that your bag will stand up on it's own.
Now do all the steps at them beginning again for the lining.
Place the lining and outside piece together at the "opening" you made.
Sew around the two openings like above. This will keep them in place and give you a place to put your drawstring.
Now fold your outside and lining together down about 1/4" or so. And sew down.
Fold again about 1 1/2" down and sew. This is your casing for your drawstring.
You can make a drawstring or you can use a ribbon.
Thread your ribbon through the casing.
Then tie a knot at the end.
Now you have some great bags to store clothes, toys or just items you want out of the way. And they stand up on their own!
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  1. The instructions say "Iron interfacing onto both sides. And sew down 3 of the sides." There is is something wrong here, maybe a step missing? Otherwise it would mean to iron interfacing to the right AND wrong sides of the fabric. It would make sense if the instructions said to fold the fabric in half right sides together sew around 3 sides (the raw edges?) (leaving the opening for turning of course) then iron the interfacing to both sides. [Or fold the fabric in half, iron the interfacing on first and then sew the three sides.]


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