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Candy Advent Calendar Tutorial

I've always liked those candy advent calendars. But the chocolate is terrible!! So I thought I'd make my own. One that I can use every year.

To start you'll need poster board, scissors and a ruler. (Want to cut some corners? Use a cereal box instead.)

Cut you poster board the size you would like for your box. Check this site for an idea on how to make the box. My box is an 8 inch box.

I found a couple pictures on the internet that I'll mod podge onto the box front and back.

Here it is with the mod podge.

Next, cut strips in 1 1/2 inches by 8 inches. You'll need 3 for the vertical and 4 for the horizontal.

Create a template for where each of your "doors" will be for your calendar. My doors came out to be around 1 1/4 inches. I left space in between for the woven pieces.

Mark your vertical strips for where they should intersect at your horizontal strips.

Do the same for your horizontal.
Cut your strips at the intersects. Slide them carefully together. Make sure to cut the strips about 3/4 the way through the strips.
Now trace your template onto the front inside cover of your box.
Use a expo knife to cut out each of your 24 "doors". You will be cutting through your posterboard and your mod podge picture.Once your "doors" are in, glue your corners together. I use paper clips to keep the corners together.When you're done, it will look a little something like this.

No work on the roof. It will be a triangle. Trace one that looks a little something like this.

Cut two of them out like this.

I found these wonderful bricks on the internet. I printed them and then mod podge them to the triangles. Then paste the triangles together to make a little roof.

Then glue that to the top of your box. Hot glue is a good way to do this. Label each of your "doors". And voila! You have your own candy advent calendar.

Stay tuned for some fun candies you could add to yours!!

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