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No Sew Fabric Bulletin Board

In an effort to keep myself sane as well as organized I decided I needed some sort of bulletin board. I created one of these in college for my sewing class. Needless to say my professor was not impressed by my not using any sewing. But it turns out that isn't "sew" bad. (Hahaha)

First, find a box with a side the length and width you want it. I had a diapers.com one. You can always cut the box to the size you want, but who wants to do more work than you have to.

Once it is cut, you'll need some fabric and some quilt batting. I've also used stuffing from an old stuffed animal or quilt. Cheap is good, so whatever you've got works fine.
Cut the batting the same size as the cardboard. I do two layers to make it more fluffy.
Then measure your fabric. You'll need about 2 extra inches on all four sides.

Make sure to iron it before you start working. It is a bit more difficult after.
Place the fabric on top of the batting and cardboard.
Notice about 2-3 inches all the way around.
Now pin your corners.

Then iron your sides so the raw edges won't show.
And fold them up. Use pins to keep it in place.
We are going to miter the corners.

Then I stapled all the way around. That's right....stapled. Hot glue doesn't work well, fabric glue might, but staples were good enough for me!

See, now isn't that nice. You could practically sleep on that!
Now find matching ribbon.
Lay it out how you want it. Make sure you have about an inch on each end that can be curled around the back.
Then use a hot glue gun to glue it down.
Once that is finished it will look something like this.

Then I decided to use buttons for all my ribbon crossings. You could use push pins, but I'm cheap and lazy so I didn't go buy any. (I'm sure my husband is happy about that.)
You'll place the buttons where you want them.
Then hot glue all three layers down separately. This won't push the fabric down but it will keep items from slipping through the ribbons.
Then find some ribbon or coil and cut a piece the length you need to hang your board.
Use hot glue to glue it down.
I put a button over it, Just for "decorative" purposes.
And Voila!! You have a bulletin board that was easy and you didn't even have to sew. Nice!
Stay Tuned: The office is almost complete! So exciting!!!! We have just a few more items to hang. It is so nice to get organized!!

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  1. Lol, which professor would that have been? P.s. I love diapers.com, I used them a lot in the constant pooping days, yes it gets better. Turned out super cute, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! I actually made one once, but used some sort of particle board or something. I thought it was dang cute. However, the ward auction didn't think so! It only sold for $2!!! I don't care though, even though Kelly STILL teases me about it. I think I will make one for my house :)

  3. Great job! I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday till Friday and I would love for you to join the party if you have time. There's also a giveaway.

  4. This is SO cute! And how easy! Great tutorial, too! :)

  5. It turned out great. I can't wait to see the finished office. Thanks for joining We're Organized Wednesday.

  6. Super cute!!! I love the colors and fabric, so fun!!


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