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F.I.R.E.!!! Preparing a Household Inventory

One of my goals for the year is to create a household inventory in case of an emergency such as a fire or natural disaster otherwise F.I.R.E. (Family Inventory Recording Exploit). This way you have some sort of log of what you own and how much your items are worth. I've been meaning to do this for like 3 years. My Mom and I have talked about it a lot. But alas, it hasn't happened. At the beginning of July I decided today would be the day I had to blog about what I've done. So as July is coming to a close and I realized I've done nothing. I hit the panic mode. I was even tempted to move it to another day. BUT I didn't. Instead, I used the internet to help me get started. I found a great site (listed at the end of this post) that had printable lists to begin my Inventory. I know this will take a while, but I put together a step by step list so I knew where to begin and what I need to do. So here are my steps:

Step One: Print form for each room. Select room to begin with.
Step Two: Clean up and Organize this room. Make sure only the items that belong in this room are present.
Step Three: Begin recording each item--how many of each, there estimated price, Model/Serial Numbers if you have them, cost and value if needed to be replaced, and then any notes you might want to add.
Step Four: Take pictures or make a video of the entire room. Open drawers, cabinets, closets, etc.
Step Five: Type up report
Step Six: Download Pictures
Step Seven: Make Printed Copy and Create CD with documents, pictures and Videos
Step Eight: KEEP UPDATED!! This is the challenge. Update it regularly not only adding items but subtracting items also!
I'm going to take about one room a week and inventory them. This should take me through September. So hopefully by October I'll have my entire home inventoried. I'll report every week as to how I've done. Perhaps you'd like to join me.

August 1-7: Living Room *DONE
August 8-14: Family Room *DONE
August 15-21: Kitchen and Dining Room *DONE
August 22-28: Laundry Room *DONE
August 29-Sept 4: Home Office
Sept 5-11: Bathroom 1 & 2 *DONE
Sept 12-18: Nursery *DONE
Sept 19-28: Master Bedroom
Sept 26- Oct 2: Home Storage (like the Garage) and Patio

Tip of the Day
Now remember, don't get carried away. You don't have to record every thing individually. For instance clothing, group it all together, take a picture and say 10 pairs of shoes, 20 blouses, etc. Record items that are big ticket like furniture or autographed memorabilia. A fork is a fork unless you have proof that George Washington ate with it. If it means a lot to you, you need to list what it's current market value is. Especially if it is an heirloom. If you have receipts, include those. Even scan copies into your computer if it makes it easier on you.

Hopefully you don't feel too overwhelmed. Remember, take it a week at a time. Pretty soon you'll have it down and you'll just have to schedule maintenance twice a year!!

Good Luck!

P.S. If you're going to join me, leave a comment and let me know. The more the merrier. If we have enough participants perhaps we can do some sort of contest.

Some Great Links
Get Started With Printable Home Inventory Forms (Go to about the middle of the page)


  1. Awesome. I really need to do this! So I'm going to try really really hard to do it with you.

  2. I love your blog. I just gave you an award!

    Stop by Something Wonderful and claim it!


  3. Thanks for all your great suggestions on making an inventory of our homes and for joining We're Organized Wednesday. I hope you can join again next party. You're entered in the giveaway too.

  4. This gives me hives... but I know I need to do it. I've been procrastinating for years...I guess there's no time like the present huh? Count me in


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